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The Worst Questions to Ask on a First Date – Money Matters

A first date is always a nervous time, you want to impress the person you are seeing, you want to come across in the best light possible and somewhere between your expectations reality sets in. Nerves are a really common problem when it comes to dating and nerves can make you do some stupid stuff without you even realizing. You might find for instance that you mind goes blank or that you can only think of really stupid stuff to say. If you suffer from nerves however you need to ensure that when it comes to your first date, you do not utter these questions. Don’t even think about asking these questions, that is unless you hate them and want to scare them away forever or you want to don’t want to get out of the friend zone forever.

first date questions

Do You Want Children?

So you have asked about their job and what they want from life, you feel like you have a better understanding of their day to day lives and you start to think you are compatible, maybe you two could have a future. It’s perfectly normal as a woman to do this. In fact most woman start to think about a possible future with a perspective partner on the first date but that doesn’t mean that it should ever be talked about. In fact you want to avoid any mention to children, marriage and anything else that might be deemed a little too forward. If you are your date get along then there will be plenty of time to discuss this later. A first date should be light and casual.

How Much Do You Earn?

On a typical first date you will both talk about the jobs that you have. You will tell each other what you do, whether you like it and possibly about any other jobs that might be on the horizon. This however is not a time to ask how much they make. In fact there isn’t really ever a time to ask that question but a first date is a huge no! If you ask your date how much they earn then they will probably think that you are just after their money and that isn’t going to add to your chances of seeing them again. If you are desperate to know how much they earn then excuse yourself and google their job. Do not however make it obvious what you are doing and don’t make it obvious that you care about what kind of wage they have.

How Many pPeople Have You Slept With?

This is a question that should be asked before you sleep with a date but never on the first date. A first date should be about getting a better picture of who each other are, but it should be light and casual. Heavier questions such as this should be left until you are both much more comfortable with each other. The likelihood is that if you bring up this subject on a first date then you will only make your date uncomfortable and they will remember feeling that way. Whilst it might be important to you to ensure that you are not dating a player, the first date isn’t the time to clarify this. In fact a first date should be little more than light hearted conversation about film and music tastes.

What Happened with Your Ex?

During a first date you should be talking about each other, not about each of your exes. The thing is once the ex-files have been opened they are really hard to close and you don’t want to be talking about negative things during a first date. Although you might think that understanding your date’s last relationship could give you a good idea about the type of partner they might be, the fact is that their last relationship obviously didn’t work because otherwise they wouldn’t be with you now and you can’t base anything on what happened between two other people. You also shouldn’t bring up your ex if you can help it. No man wants to sit on a first date and listen to why your ex wasn’t good enough or was lazy good for nothing. In truth talking like that will only make you look spiteful and it is a sure fire way to ensure you won’t get another date.

Do You Want to go Back to Mine?

If your date is going well then you might be tempted to invite them back to yours but before you do, you need to think long and hard about the ramifications of that choice. If you actually really like the person you have been on the date with then you are best not asking them back to yours. The thing is that every man wants a girl to be his and his alone and sleeping with him on a first date will not give him that impression. There a very little ways to recover from a first date indiscretion and if you want to see them again then it is best to avoid sex talk all together. A really good way to ensure that you won’t let your hormones takeover is to not shave your legs. If you are aware of the fact that your legs are hairy then you will be much less willing to jump into bed with your date.

In Conclusion

A successful date is based on a lot of different things but an unsuccessful date is based on a few simple to avoid things. These five questions are the epitome of where you can go wrong on a first date. A few wrongly used questions and you might be saying goodbye to whatever chances you might have had of a second date. If you really like your date and you want things to progress then don’t forget you will get plenty of time in the future to get to know them and you don’t need to ask anything too heavy the first time you meet. A first date should be all about fun and you will do well to remember that.

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