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How To Know You Are Truly In Love – (You can be Yourself)

Love is something that everybody aspires for, it’s something that picks you up, forces you to do better and most importantly offers you a security that is rivaled by nothing. The problem that most people face however is that love has a relative, a relative that will act like love, but instead of building you up, it acts like poison to your heart. Its relative is called infatuation and it has mastered the act of love, to such a degree, that most people cannot tell the difference. So how can you be sure that what you feel is really love? How can you be certain that you are not falling for a cruel act?

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  • You can be yourself : One of the stark differences between love and infatuation is the way it makes you act. If what you are feeling truly is love, then you will feel comfortable being yourself around your partner. You will not have to worry about what they might think because you know that they would never think any less of you. Infatuation however forces you to put on an act, it puts fear in your mind, it makes you feel insecure and it makes sure that your partner only ever sees you in your best light.
  • Your first and last thought : If you are truly in love with somebody then they will be your last thought at night and first thought in the morning. You will find yourself lulling yourself to sleep with images of them and you will find yourself questioning their movements when you awake. This doesn’t mean however that every thought will be about them. Love gives you a security that means you can think about other things. Infatuation however forces your partner to the very front of your mind always. You will find that you struggle to think of anything but them.
  • Two worlds colliding : Love is something that is meant to push you into doing better. Love is something that should support your dreams and not stop you from achieving them. You will always know whether or not you are feeling real love by how your lives combine. True love will allow you both to lead separate lives that intertwine. Infatuation however will force you to spend all your time together. You will become addicted to each other and just as with any other addiction, this will damage you both.
  • Time passes : It is thought that a crush will only ever last four months. This means that if you have been with your partner for longer than four months and you still feel the same way about them, then it is undoubtedly love. If however you have been with your partner for longer than four months but you can feel the connection that you shared dwindling, then what you are most likely feeling is infatuation.  This is because real love, true love, doesn’t fade. It finds a place in your heart and it settles there for life, never diminishing.

In Conclusion

At the start of a relationship it can be difficult to tell the difference between real love and infatuation but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. It is important to remember that whilst infatuation might feel good, it will in the long run, destroy you if you let it. Infatuation will always fade and when it does, it can leave one or both of you hurt and confused as to where the feeling has gone. If you are not sure about how you feel, then the best thing to do is wait, wait until you know for sure, because once you have said the words I love you, they can never be taken back, even if you find out, that you didn’t mean them.

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