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How to Get out of The Friend Zone (Don’t Hide Your interests)

There is nothing worse than having feelings for someone who has quite clearly ‘friend zoned’ you. It is as though you have gone abroad but you are only allowed to look out of the airport windows. It can often be emotionally painful to be so close to someone who only sees you as a friend, but that doesn’t mean that you should be discouraged though, there are a few sure fire ways to get yourself back out of the ‘friend zone’.

What got you friend zoned?

If you want to get yourself out of the ‘friend zone’ then you must first know why you got put into it. The reasoning to why you have been placed in the zone, can actually affect how you can get back out of it. If you don’t know why you have been ‘friend zoned’ then ask the person who has placed you there or alternatively ask any mutual friends that you have. It is important to remember however that whilst you are asking people as to why you have been zoned, that tact is something that you should use in abundance.

Make your interests known : One of the most common reasons for being placed in the ‘friend zone’ is simply miss-communication. Often you will find that the reason they have placed you in that zone is because they have thought that you have done the same with them. If this is the case then you need to ensure that they know how you really feel about them. This could be done with a serious conversation or it could be done with a romantic gesture. However you decide to approach the subject is your choice but you need to make sure that they understand completely how you feel about them.

Always be there : Sometimes it can take people a long time to realize that what they want is right in front of them to take. If you don’t feel comfortable with directly discussing your feelings, then another great way to remove yourself from the ‘friend zone’ is to always be there. If they are sad then cheer them up. If they have secret to tell then always have an ear ready to listen. If they are lonely then be company and so on. The important thing to remember is that you want them to see you as trustworthy. You want them to know that they can rely on you and that you can always be counted on. Doing this will soon result in them seeing you in a different light!

Prove your worth : If you have been ‘friend zoned’ then you are going to need to prove your worth to get back out again. This means not only being a great friend but also offering all the support that might normally be expected in a relationship. Proving your worth means proving that you are worth rethinking, it’s proving that you are worth taking out of the zone; it’s proving that you are worth so much more than just a normal friend is. If you don’t find ways to prove your worth, then you might end up in the ‘friend zone’ forever.

In conclusion

It isn’t easy being put into the ‘friend zone’ by someone that you have feelings for. It doesn’t mean though that once in the zone, that you have to stay there forever. If you want to prove to a friend that they mean more to you, then you need to make sure that your message is being heard loud and clear. Don’t worry about making the friendship awkward because if you really are good friends then you will be able to move passed it, but at least you won’t always be wondering what if!

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