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5 Signs He’s Only Interested in Sex And What to Do

It seems that today it is much easier to find someone to have Casual Sex with than it is to find someone who wants a relationship. There are even specific websites and phone applications set up specifically to help those who just want to have a casual encounter meet, so what do you do when casual really isn’t your thing? How can you be sure that the person you have agreed to date isn’t just looking for one thing? How can you take a step away from the ever fashionable causal relationship and ensure that you are both looking for the same thing?

Avoid Casual Dating Sites : The first thing to do when looking for something more serious than just a hook up is to avoid all the websites and applications that are notorious for helping people get just that.  There are some really great dating sites available for people who are looking for a serious commitment and these are the ones that you should be going on. It might be tempting to use some of the easier going websites and applications but the thing is the men who are using them are not going to be happy finding out that you are looking for a husband when they are only looking for a bit of fun and sex.

Be Upfront About What You Want : If you have agreed to go on a date with somebody then the best thing to do is be upfront about what you are hoping might happen in the future. Most men will know on the first date whether they can see it going anywhere and once the date is over you should ask them. Don’t make it obvious at first that you are looking for a serious commitment because that might give them the impression that they can lie about their wants. Instead as them where they hope this might be going and really listen to their response. If you like the person but they make it clear that they aren’t looking for anything serious then you are going to have to make a judgment call on whether you want anything to progress from there. You shouldn’t however agree to see them again with the hopes that they might change their mind as this will only end up in you being hurt further down the line.

Introductions : If you have been dating for a while but you are not sure about what his intentions then ask yourself this, who has he introduced you to? Have you met any of his friends? A man who introduces a girl he is seeing to his friends is normally one who can see the relationship becoming serious at some point in the future. However if you have been dating for a while and he hasn’t introduced you to anybody then this isn’t a good sign. Introducing you to his friends is a way of integrating you into their lives and if they haven’t done that then they might not be planning to and they are only interested in sex.

Booty Calls : Sometimes when a date goes well we can get carried away with ourselves. That can sometimes mean that we might move a relationship forward at a pace that otherwise we might not be comfortable with. When this happens it can be really hard to recover from because you have already made the impression that you are willing to give up the goods without any commitment. If you find yourself getting carried away then the only thing you can do is try a next morning recovery. Text them once you have left and ask them if they thought it were a one night thing and prepare yourself for the answer. If they say it wasn’t a one night thing then make it clear that you are looking for commitment at some point and not just a casual affair. Then should you go out again, really try and behave yourself. If you manage to make it through a date without getting carried away and you still hear back from then then you have successfully recovered the situation. If however they seem disappointed by the outcome then there is a chance that they are only after sex. A really useful tip to ensure that you don’t get carried away on a first date is actually to not shave your legs. If you don’t shave your legs then you will be much more likely to think things through twice before you decide to take things to the bedroom.

Watch Out For The Warning Signs : There are certain warning signs when it comes to a man who is only looking for one thing. If you look out for them then you will easily be able to avoid those men who are only after sex. One of the biggest warning signs is displayed in the way that they talk to you. If a man heavily flirts with you straight away then this can be a huge warning sign that they are only looking and thinking about one thing. One way to tell for sure is by trying to change the tone of the conversation. Will they talk to you about normal things or do they persist on the heavy flirting? Another warning sign that can sometimes arise is after the first date. A man who is only after sex will not be interested in doing things with you that don’t involve your or his bedroom.  This means that if he is unwilling to say go on another date or go on a night out then the likelihood is that he really is only after one thing.

In Conclusion

Dating can be a really frustrating time for somebody who is looking for something serious. It has almost become more socially acceptable to have flings than it is to have commitment and because of this it can be really difficult discovering what a man really wants. This doesn’t mean to say though that it is impossible and if you follow the advice given here, then you should have a much better understanding of who is only out there for one thing.

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