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9 Compliments Your Husband Needs to Hear – He’s Waiting

It is a common misconception that it is only women who need to be complimented. The truth is that most men in marriages can often suffer from the same doubts and worries, as their wives do and that they respond to compliments in much the same way, as women do too. It might seem like a ridiculous concept, but your husband needs compliments just as much as you do, but what can you say to your husband? What kind of compliment do you give a man?

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1. My Family Love You

One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to a happy marriage is the combining of the two families. A man will always want his girl’s family to like him, especially her parents or the people she considers to be parents. This can put huge doubts in a man’s mind on whether a relationship with a person can work and if you want your husband to feel secure, then make sure he knows that your family love and respect him for the person he is. This can take an untold amount of pressure off of him.

2. Thank you for Doing That

You might have had to nag him for six months to do it, but when he does, thank him for it. A man always likes to know that his hard work has been appreciated and he will be much more likely to do it quicker the second time around, should he know that he was thanked correctly the first time. If your man is doing a job that you can’t do, or that you don’t want to do, then make sure that you thank him for his time, it is after all, only polite to do so.

3. You make Me feel Special

It can be hard for a man to know that he is doing things right. Women are not the easiest of creatures to read and even when they are happy, they can sometimes appear unhappy or neutral. So, it can be nice for a man to occasionally be told how his wife is feeling. If your man makes you feel beautiful and special, then make sure that he knows that, as that way, he will know to carry on doing whatever it is, that he is doing to make you feel like that.

4. You look hot in that

Just like you expect a compliment when you get dressed up to go out, or you buy something new and wear it for the first time, your husband is kind of expecting one too. Men aren’t the kind of people who will fish for compliments, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want or need them. If you want to make your husband feel good about himself, then point out the times that you think he looks hot.

5. I’ll never stop Loving You

We are all different people throughout our lives, as time and events change the person we once were into the people we are today. That is to be expected and that is also something, which can be overlooked when agreeing to marry a person. All too often marriages fail, because the people in them didn’t think about the fact that their partner’s would change over time. If you want your husband to know that you are in it for the long haul, then make sure you tell him that you will never stop loving him, no matter what person he might turn into over the years.

6. You are Funny

If your man makes you laugh, then make sure that he knows about it. They say that laughter is often the best medicine and in a lot of cases, this can be true. If you have found a man who can put a smile on your face, even when you have had a day from hell, then make sure that he knows that you appreciate it.

7. Thank You for Providing

Your husband is the man who goes out to work each day and brings home a solid pay check. Your husband is the man who gets up whether it has snowed, rained or sleeted, so that you can have a roof over your head and food in the fridge. Occasionally, it might be nice if you thanked him for that and let him know that you appreciate everything that he does for you.

8. You Make Me Feel Safe

We live in a time where men have a delicate balance to keep. They are expected to be the provider and the protector, as well, as having a sensitive side and a sense of style. This balance can be tricky to keep and if your man manages it, then make sure that you thank him for that. If your man protects you and keeps you safe, then say thank you for that, make him know that you feel like that and make him know that it is him that has provided that feeling for you.

9. I Need Your Advice

There is nothing more uplifting, than knowing that someone wants your advice. It means that you know, that they respect your opinion and that they trust you with their problems. If you want to show your man what he really means to you, then ask him for the advice that you need. It doesn’t mean you that you have to take the advice, but just simply from asking, you are showing that you respect your husband’s opinion and that you value him, as a person.

In Conclusion

It can often be easy to forget that men have feelings and need reassuring too. The thing is though, that if you want a happy marriage, then you need to be putting the effort in, to make sure that your man knows he is wanted and loved. If you don’t know how to compliment your man, then try out the 9 compliments about and just see how much it makes your man’s day, to know that you care!

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