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10 Compliments Your Wife Needs to Hear – She Loves It

You know the old joke about the husband who doesn’t notice that his wife has had her hair cut? Well, that isn’t a joke, it’s more a subtle hint that woman have been trying to get men to hear for years. The thing is it can be easy to take your wife for granted, especially if you have been married for several years. It can be easy to forget that she doesn’t always know when you think she is looking beautiful or that she doesn’t always know that you feel for her, when she is upset. If you want your wife to know how special you still think she is, then why don’t you try using these 10 compliments that every wife needs to hear occasionally, to remind her, that you still think she is the one?

how to compliment your wife

1. You are Beautiful

It might seem simple, but sometimes simple is all that you need. If you think your wife looks good in something or you simply just think that she is looking beautiful, then you should tell her. Tell her every time that you think it, even if that is a hundred times a day.

2. My Friends Love You

A girl always wants to know that her man’s friends like her. It’s something that she worries about from the very first time that you introduce them to her, as she knows that they are important to you and that their opinion might affect your own. If you spend a lot of time with your friends or they spend a lot of time around your wife, then take the time to reassure her that they like her. She might not have ever mentioned her worry about them, but it will be there and your reassurance will set her mind at ease.

3.  I’m Proud of You

If your wife has tried something new or has overcome something that was holding her back, then make sure that she knows how proud you are. The likelihood is that your wife didn’t do it for anybody other than herself, but that doesn’t matter. Your wife should always know that you are rooting for her to succeed and that you notice when she does.

4.  I’ll Support You

Sometimes we have crazy dreams that are impossible, but yet so tempting to try. These dreams can seem ludicrous from the outside and often other people will not understand why we want to try and achieve something, which seems so hopeless. The thing is though, you have made a vow to support your wife through everything and even if you think her dreams are impossible, you should always make it known that you support her anyway.

5.  I Have Your Back

Your wife should always know that you are there to protect her. It doesn’t matter whether that protection is from a spider in the bathroom or a mugger on the street, you should always make sure that your wife knows that you will protect her.

6.  Go Treat Yourself

Sometimes it is nice to treat someone for no real reason. There is always the option of waiting until those special occasions, to make an effort and to show someone that you care, but if you are waiting for designated days, then does that show you care at all? Don’t wait around for the days when you are meant to care and show that you care on those days that there is nothing special about. These are the days that your efforts will hold the most weight.

7.  I’ll Never Get Used to Your Smile

It doesn’t matter whether you have been married for ten years or ten months, your wife is going to worry from time to time about you getting bored of her. There are things you can do to prevent this though and one of them, is by assuring her that you still think she is just as beautiful as when you first met. If there is a feature that you love on her, then tell her about it; tell her that you will never get used to it and that you could never get bored of it.

8.  You are All I Will Ever Need

When the passion fades in a relationship, it can make a woman worry about whether she is enough. The fact is that all relationships suffer from the loss of passion, as you become more used to each other and more comfortable around each other. This doesn’t mean though that you wife should have to worry about it. Make sure that you are always reminding her that she is all you will ever want and need.

9.  I Love You

Yes, okay, so you are both married and she probably knows that you love her. That doesn’t mean though that you should stop saying it. A woman needs to know that she is loved and wanted. That is just fact. If you want your wife to be happy and comfortable in the knowledge that your relationship is just as strong, as it has always been, then tell her you love her and do it often.

10.  That Looks Good on You

If you make the effort to notice when your wife gets something new or wears something different, then she will make the effort to reward that attention. If your wife has made the effort to look good for a night out or a special occasion, or even if she has just put on a new top that you haven’t seen before, make sure that you tell her that she looks good in it.

In Conclusion

Sometimes women can worry about their relationships when they don’t feel, as though, the man is putting in enough attention or effort. The thing is though; these worries could be easily avoided, if these simple compliments are used regularly and truthfully. If you want your wife to feel secure in your marriage, then make sure that she knows she is.

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