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10 Awful and Horrific Things Husbands Do to Their Wives

Let’s talk about marriage and love. While love often comes before marriage, what the heck happens to it afterwards? Anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows that the pressures and monotony of daily life can make even the best relationship a struggle, but that really doesn’t excuse some of the behavior that women get from their other halves.

Yes, we know, women are capable of doing terrible things as well. For the sake of this article, however, we are going to take a long hard look at the things awful husbands do to the women they profess to love.

unfaithful spouse

1. Control Freak

This is perhaps one of the biggest things that awful husbands are guilty of. You know what we mean, ladies. The guy who is never wrong, tells you how you feel or how you shouldn’t feel, tells you what you can do with your money, where you can go, how long you can stay out, even how much you should weigh! Some guys do it nicely, but like a bird in a golden cage, it still is unacceptable. Good partners talk things out, make joint decisions, and support each other.

2. Treats You Like a Stripper

We aren’t talking about mutual agreement when it comes to spicing up your sex life or trying new things. We mean husbands who think that marriage means free sex how he wants it, when he wants it, whenever he wants it, regardless of how you feel or what you want. He may come up with cliché’s like; just lie back and enjoy it or you have your period and you’re exhausted? Well, you can blow me. (Literally).  This is a marriage, he should respect you and not think of you as something he is bought and paid for.

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3. Compares You to Porn Stars

Watching porn together can be an exciting little pastime. Having your husband watch porn, show you a screenshot of some boom-chickie, and then ask “Why don’t you look like that?” is simply disgusting. Of course, you could always turn the tables and ask him why he doesn’t look like Kit Harrington, but that isn’t the way to achieve intimacy. This can be a serious problem for some men. If he can’t or won’t stop watching porn, speak to a therapist.

4. Sits on His Butt

Ladies, when you get together with your friends, what do you think the number one complaint about husbands would be? Yep, we know, the fact that the majority of couples both work full time jobs, but when hubby comes home, he’s done while your work starts all over again. While he sits and watches TV, you are making dinner; helping the kids with their homework, throwing the laundry into the washer, serving dinner…..must we go on? Worst of all? After you fall into bed exhausted, he wants sex. Sure thing, honey! Let me flip on the extra battery located in my crotch just for you! Try making up a list of chores that need to be done and insist that things be divided a bit more evenly. You are not a machine, you are not a robot, and it is not a “woman’s job”.

5. Complete Lack of Consideration

When we are dating, everyone tries to have impeccable manners. People try not to belch out loud, fart in the car, or talk about things like boogers.  Ask any married woman with an awful husband, and she will tell you that now, he farts right next to her, making no attempt to even leave the room, farts in bed and thinks it’s hilarious, picks his nose and shows her his discovery, takes a dump in the bathroom without closing the door, and misses the toilet, but makes no attempt to clean it. Seriously, ladies, while some things cannot be avoided (farting while sleeping) you should insist that he makes attempts to act like a civilized man and not a monkey in the zoo.

6. Doesn’t Wear a Wedding Ring

Unless there is a reason why your husband cannot wear his ring (and these usually apply to certain jobs, but there is no reason he can’t wear it the rest of the time) then he should wear his ring. Ladies, when you see a man without a ring in public, the first thing you think is “He’s available.” If you know or find out later that he’s married, what is your second thought about his lack of a ring? “He’s a player”. If you are thinking this, then chances are that other women are too. Wearing a ring is a sign of respect and good husbands are not ashamed to wear one.

7. Gives More Attention to the Cell Phone than You

We realize that cell phones have become an important part of our lives and many people need one for work as well as for pleasure, but there should be limits. Many families make certain times, such as dinner time or between certain hours (say 7PM to 9PM) “No Cell Phone” time. An awful husband will spend more time with the cell phone than with you or your kids. Don’t let a cell phone come between you.

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8. Treats You like You’re Stupid

It’s true that many women don’t know the first thing about car mechanics or all the rules to Fantasy Football, but this doesn’t mean that women are complete idiots. Somehow, ladies, you managed your whole life without getting blown up killed, you know how to deal with a colicky baby, and you probably have a job, so he needs to give you some credit. Awful husbands talk down to their wives and assume they are bimbo’s. Don’t put up with it!

9. Snoops Through Your Phone and/or Emails

Terrible husbands will look through your phone, check the history on your computer, look through your emails, do a *69 on the home phone, even look through your purse and panty drawer. Why? Because they are insecure.  This shows a complete lack of respect for you and your marriage, however, and should not be tolerated.

10. Cheating and Lying

These are the biggest problems that belong to truly awful husbands. Ladies, you know what we mean. Cheating is self explanatory and completely unacceptable. However, husbands often lie about the stupidest things, such as how many beers they had, how much they paid for a fishing pole, or even if they were at their best friend’s house.

Don’t let an awful husband make your life miserable. Try some serious heart to heart talks and if this doesn’t work, you should go for counseling, with or without him. You deserve to be happy.

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