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Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You – Don’t Miss This Clues

We would all like to think that our partners are being faithful and that it is simply our problem of mistrust that is the issue but unfortunately in some cases that it just isn’t true. The difficulty is though that those who do cheat are often not honest about it and they can often make you think that you are the one with the problem. So how can you know for sure? Are there any tell-tale signs? Can you ever be sure that your partner is being honest or do you just have to hope that they are telling you the truth?

Here are Some Signs Your Partner is Cheating


1. Excuses

If you are ever going to know for sure whether or not your partner is cheating on you then the first thing you have to do is open your eyes. You have to really start paying attention to what your partner is actually saying to you. Sometimes if we want to believe something then we can fool ourselves into not questioning the obvious but if you want to know for sure whether your partner is being faithful then you are going to have to stop doing that. One of the most obvious signs of a partner cheating is when they start to give you excuses for coming home late or being unreachable. That’s not to say that the odd excuse won’t be true but if you notice that they are regular then you might want to start reading a little further into it.

2. Phones

It seems like everybody today has a smartphone and that isn’t a bad thing. Smartphones are great ways to stay connected with the people we care about and they give us a whole range of ways in which we can do it. The thing is though unless you look through your partner’s phone, you actually have no idea about who they might be talking to. A great way to spot a cheat is by looking at their behaviour around their phone. Often someone who is talking to a person they know they shouldn’t be will act quite shifty around their phone. They will always keep it within arm’s reach of them and they will often place it down with the back facing upwards rather than the screen. Another big warning sign when it comes to phones is password protection. If your partner has suddenly decided to password protect their phone when they haven’t ever bothered before, then this can be a clear indicator that something is wrong and that they might be hiding something.

3. Attitude

It’s always nice when the person you love pays extra attention to you. Sometimes it is those small things that can remind you about just how much you love them. However if your partner has never been the romantic gesture type and then suddenly out of the blue they are bringing you flowers home and telling you how beautiful you look, then there is something going on behind the scenes. What might seem like caring, thoughtful behaviour could actually be them acting out of guilt. One of the best ways to tell whether they are acting out of guilt is to simply ask them why they are being so nice. Although a good liar will be able to think on their feet, most won’t and will end up tripping themselves up.

4. Eye contact

Whilst this might not be true for everybody in most cases it is, a person who feels guilty or is lying will not make eye contact with you. So if you really want to know whether your partner is giving the truth or excuses then watch their eyes when you are asking for an explanation. If they can look you right in the eye then there is a good chance they are telling the truth. If however they stare at the floor or avoid your gaze then there is a good chance they are feeling guilty about something or lying.

5. Effort

It is normal in a relationship to get comfortable with each other over time. This comfort provides you with the security of knowing that you don’t always have to look your best and that you don’t always have to be the best version of you. That doesn’t mean that you will never make the effort, it just means you know you don’t have to all of the time. If you have gotten to that stage and then suddenly your partner starts taking really good care of themselves then this should set off some alarm bells in your head. If your partner makes more of an effort with their appearance when they are going to work or to an occasion that you are not a part of than when they go out with you then this could be a sign that they are trying to impress someone else.

6. Absence

A healthy relationship means that you shouldn’t always be around your partner. You should both have time away where you have a chance to miss each other but that doesn’t mean that you should fall off the face of the planet. If your partner has the tendency to ignore you whilst you are away from each other and becomes unreachable then it is only natural to wonder what they might be doing during that time. There is no reason unless they are working why they can’t drop you a quick message or phone call. So if you find that your partner is ignoring you for no good reason then perhaps you might want to ask them why and tell them that this is upsetting you. If they continue to do it then you might want to consider what they are doing during that time, especially if they are normally quite responsive.

In conclusion

It can be hard to accept that the person you love isn’t being with truthful with you; it can be ever harder to accept that they might be being unfaithful too. This doesn’t mean however that you should let them get away with it. Sometimes you have to accept things for how they are and accept that the person you love isn’t treating you with the respect you deserve and when that happens you should always walk away because you deserve so much more than that.

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