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Never Have I Ever: The Ultimate Game For Crazy Friends

Never Have I Ever: The Ultimate Game For Crazy Friends

So you think you know your friends, but do you really? But how can you ask your friends weird questions without making them uncomfortable? It’s simple, just play ‘Never Have I Ever’, a game that lets you find out how well you actually know your friends and gives your friends a chance to know you better too.

But what do you ask; you want to know their deepest secrets, but you’re not really sure where you should start.

If that’s the case, why don’t you start by asking a few of the questions we’ve put together for you. These aren’t too complex, but you might get to know a lot of good stuff about your friends, and even new people.

What is Never Have I Ever?

Before we get into the details of awesome ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions that you can ask your friends, let’s break down how you’re supposed to play the game. Write down all the questions on pieces of paper and put them away in a bowl. Make signs that say ‘I Have’ on one side and ‘I Have Never’ on the other.

Make sure to use different color schemes on each side so people can tell easily and react faster. Each person will get a turn to take out a piece of paper from the bowl and read out a question. Then, everyone raises their signs and says whether they have or have never done whatever’s written on the piece of paper.

Why Play ‘Never Have I Ever’?

Why not? Don’t you want to know if your pretty best friend ever dated your crush, or if you unbelievably attractive classmate ever got plastic surgery, or if your pals wet their toothbrush before brushing their teeth, just like you? Okay, maybe that’s a little too ordinary, but you get the point; deep down, you want to know if your friends are really like you or different compared to you.

Awesome Never Have I Ever Questions

Ready to start? Grab your signs and let’s get started. To make things interesting, we’ve decided to divide the questions into different categories so that you can come up with your own ideas and know which ones to ask.

Accidents and Embarrassing Ordeals

In these questions, you’ll find out if all your friends have made that one common mistake that you make too, and if your seemingly perfect classmate isn’t that perfect, after all.

Never Have I Ever

  1. Called my teacher mom during class.
  2. Come out of the bathroom with my fly unzipped.
  3. Worn my shirt backward and almost left the house.
  4. Said ‘Gracias’ to the waiter at a Mexican restaurant.
  5. Gotten caught eavesdropping on people.
  6. Farted in an elevator.
  7. Stuck my chewing game under a desk or chair.
  8. Totally messed up human functions in front of my crush.


Have your friends ever gotten stereotyped, dated someone unlikely, or tried something they wouldn’t want anyone else finding out? Ask these questions to find out.

  1. Been made fun of because of my accent.
  2. Been spoken to in a native language because of the way I look or the way I dress.
  3. Been mistaken as an employee by someone at the supermarket.
  4. Been asked for nudes on the first chat.
  5. Been approached by old people while on Facebook as a kid.

But this is the best part; we always think that our best friends are the nicest of people, but that rarely ever turns out to be true. These questions will let you find out if they’ve ever been bad or naughty.

Never Have I Ever

  1. Shoplifted items valued fewer than 5 dollars.
  2. Looked up porn on the internet as a kid.
  3. Spied on my new neighbors.

Hilarious Questions: Spill Your Guts

We’ve all believed some dumb stuff at some point, right? Well, this is your chance to find out if your friends do as well.

  1. Believed that babies come from the stork.
  2. Believed that Santa Claus actually exists.
  3. Said ‘I Love You’ to someone without really meaning it.
  4. Come back from the bathroom without washing the hands.
  5. Kissed someone of the same sex.
  6. Picked my nose in public.
  7. Fallen asleep during a movie date.
  8. Broken something while at a friend’s house and never told them.
  9. Danced in the elevator.
  10. Forgot power lenses at home, while going for a meeting.
  11. Cried at the climax of a movie.
  12. Talked to myself in the mirror, before going on a date.
  13. Sang “Gangnam Style” in the shower.
  14. Packed my stuff trying to run away from home after getting scolded.
  15. Peed in the pool.
  16. Taken a picture of my friend by sneaking over the wall of a bathroom stall.
  17. Deliberately mixed hot sauce in a sibling’s food.
  18. Tried smoking dad’s cigarettes.
  19. Washed dishes at a restaurant to pay my bills.
  20. Googled the spelling of a word.
  21. Bullied someone younger than me during school.
  22. Accidentally sent my nudes to an elder.
  23. Peed on the bed over an eight-year old.
  24. Tried fainting to get attention.
  25. Created a fake Facebook ID and talked to a crush using that ID.
  26. Stolen a friend’s pen from his box.
  27. Broke a beaker in the school science lab.
  28. Faked a proposal with my friend of the opposite sex, in a restaurant, just so we can get a free dessert.
  29. Went to work 10 days straight without taking a bath.
  30. Had a dog running after me.
  31. Been locked in the bathroom as a punishment.
  32. Swore in front of the family during an intense match.
  33. Fallen asleep on the school bus and got my pictures taken.
  34. Slept on the couch with the T.V on for the whole night.
  35. Went to a circus without buying a ticket.
  36. Lied about the food being sour just to get a complimentary meal at a restaurant.
  37. Tried photoshopping a picture of myself with an NBA star.
  38. Played WWE at home with a younger brother.
  39. Lied to the boss about the demise of a family member just to get a day off.
  40. Sent someone in the wrong direction.
  41. Filled the shampoo bottle with water.
  42. Made a New Year resolution to lose weight and ended having fast food the very next day.
  43. Spitted from the rooftop with a friend, checking out whose spit hits the ground first.

Law Breakers

We’ve all heard our high-school friends brag about how they managed to escape the police and not get pulled over. Now’s the time to get the real story out of them.

  1. Gotten caught drunk.
  2. Foul mouthed a police officer after getting pulled over.
  3. Tried to flirt my way out of an encounter with a security officer.
  4. Called 911 and lied to them just for thrills.
  5. Called the cops at a restaurant and left the place.
  6. Tried to leave a restaurant without paying the bill.
  7. Bought a stolen product for a lower price.
  8. Set a table cloth on fire during a New Year Eve’s celebration.
  9. Broke a signal by crossing a red light.
  10. Tried buying beer with a fake ID.
  11. Downloaded pirated music because I was broke.
  12. Got a ticket because I was over-speeding.
  13. Showed the middle finger to a police office while drunk.
  14. Lost dad’s money in a bet and never told him.
  15. Driven through the whole journey without wearing a seat-belt.
  16. Bought drugs just to look cool on the internet.
  17. Parked my vehicle in a no-parking zone.
  18. Threw snacks out of the car.
  19. Got pulled over, without having my license and registration.
  20. Gotten detention for vandalism.
  21. Been in handcuffs (not the sexy kind).
  22. Accidentally hit someone while reversing.

Relatable Moments

It’s true that all of us miss our childhood days and would love to have them back. Nonetheless, there are certain awkward moments that make you wonder if those were really the “good days”. Well, while we’re busy remembering those “oops” moments, let’s ask all of our friends if they encountered something similar too.

  1. Asked my parents where babies come from.
  2. Asked my cool uncle if I could try smoking his cigarette.
  3. Burped loudly on the table in front of the guests.
  4. Screamed from the bathroom because there was no more toilet paper left.
  5. Called my aunt fat, not knowing it was a rude thing to say.
  6. Accidentally used the browser on my flip phone and got a huge phone bill.
  7. Squirted ketchup all over myself while opening a packet of ketchup.
  8. Confessed to my childhood crush with a note and got rejected.
  9. Thrown out of the house by parents.
  10. Gotten ‘the look’ from my parents on the day of a parent-teacher conference.
  11. Accidentally put a fork in the microwave, not knowing it would cause an explosion.
  12. Used a sticker tattoo on my arm and pretended it was permanent.
  13. Tried to pass my finger through a candle flame and ended up burning myself.
  14. Been caught shoplifting from a convenience store.
  15. Forgotten to wear a belt with my pants.
  16. Regifted a present from someone else because I didn’t like it.
  17. Locked myself out of the house and left my keys inside.
  18. Seen a horrible accident.
  19. Passed on a secret while telling the person ‘don’t tell anyone’.
  20. Used the bathroom without any toilet paper.
  21. Threw up on my classmate while in kindergarten.
  22. Tried lifting my older brother’s dumbbells.
  23. Bitten my sibling during a fight over the remote.
  24. Regretted buying an expensive item.
  25. Dropped something from the roof, thinking it would fly.
  26. Switched off my computer directly from socket, and gotten a death stare from my dad for it.
  27. Thrown a tantrum in front of my parents when I wanted something.
  28. Broken a window and ran away.
  29. Gotten lost in a bad part of town.
  30. Dropped my phone in the toilet.
  31. Gotten a prank call.

Unthinkable Confessions

Get your friends to ‘fess up with these ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions.

Never Have I Ever

  1. Lied to my parents about test results.
  2. Sang with a sore throat, at an event.
  3. Confessed to my childhood crush, and gotten rejected in front of friends.
  4. Been scolded by parents in front of friends.
  5. Lied to the boss about the demise of a family member just to get a day off.
  6. Lied about the food being sour just to get a complimentary meal at a restaurant.
  7. Photoshopped a picture of myself with an NBA star just to get the whole college’s attention.
  8. Created a fake Facebook ID and talked to a crush using that id.
  9. Hid a friend’s phone just to freak them out.
  10. Broken a beaker in the chemistry
  11. Faked a proposal with my friend in a restaurant so we could get a free dessert.
  12. Went to work 10 days straight without taking a bath.
  13. Worked at a fast food place to pay my bills
  14. Googled the spelling of a word just so I could sound smarter
  15. Bullied someone younger than me at school.
  16. Accidentally sent my nudes to someone else
  17. Accidentally sent a screenshot to the same person I screenshotted
  18. Gotten chewing gum stuck in my hair
  19. Lied on my resume to get a job.
  20. Taken a bathroom selfie.
  21. Dropped my watch in the toilet.
  22. Recommended Justin Bieber songs to a newbie.
  23. Gotten a tattoo of my ex.
  24. Changed the password of a family member’s Netflix account.
  25. Written 2019 as 2K19 and pretended to be cool.
  26. Nodded to a joke I didn’t even hear.
  27. Given someone a used toothpick.
  28. Gotten on my knees to propose to my girlfriend.
  29. Gone to a movie theatre alone.
  30. Bunked a day at school.
  31. Had a crush on my best friend’s parent.
  32. Spoiled someone’s show by telling them the ending.
  33. Had my lunch money stolen

Awful Scenarios

Never Have I Ever

  1. Gotten caught smoking by my dad.
  2. Tore up my exam results and then told everyone that I lost them.
  3. Been asked by a relative, who I love more, my Mom or Dad, when I was a kid.
  4. Lied about my grades in a family gathering.
  5. Stepped on the groom’s shoes.
  6. Burnt my tongue by sipping on hot coffee/tea.
  7. Fallen off a skateboard, thinking it would be really easy.
  8. Been mugged.
  9. Written a fan letter.
  10. Had a crush on a person of the same sex.
  11. Been to a haunted house and came out in under 5 minutes.
  12. Screamed at a homeless person.
  13. Made fun of a vegan.
  14. Participated in a sit-in without even knowing the whole story.
  15. Tried to hack my girlfriend/boyfriend’s account.
  16. Tried getting into a band, but failed miserably.
  17. Been proposed on an April fool’s day.
  18. Lied about loving a present.
  19. Had a huge crush on a teacher.
  20. Experienced “paranormal activity”.
  21. Drunk texted boss, and apologized the next morning.
  22. Tried committing suicide.
  23. Fainted due to excessive stress or severe
  24. Been hit by a car.
  25. Blocked an ambulance’s way.
  26. Stolen a friend’s Rolex.
  27. Taken more than 50 selfies and was unable to find one good picture.
  28. Called someone ugly to their face.
  29. Had a fight with a waiter.
  30. Told someone they have a bad taste in music.
  31. Told someone that their cooking is pathetic.
  32. Attended a wedding, just to have food.
  33. Ruined someone’s birthday by calling his/her ex.
  34. Woke up everyone early on a holiday.

Weird Habits

Everyone thinks they’re unique, but to be honest all of us are a lot more similar than we consider ourselves to be. But how many of your habits are unique? Well, find it out yourself by asking the below-mentioned questions.

Never Have I Ever

  1. Smelled food before eating it.
  2. Read a newspaper backwards.
  3. Washed my hands after shaking hands with my friends.
  4. Popped a pimple, a day before an event.
  5. Forgotten money in my pants.
  6. Sucked my thumb after eating my meal.
  7. Licked the cream of a biscuit.
  8. Sniffed my fingers.
  9. Tapped my fingers to the beat, while listening to music.
  10. Washed the soap after using it.
  11. Covered the mirrors while going to bed.
  12. Stroked my hair every 2 minutes.
  13. Counted steps while walking.
  14. Felt uncomfortable when the volume is not an even number.
  15. Cracked knuckles constantly.
  16. Cried while bidding farewell to a close friend.
  17. Bargained over an over-expensive product.
  18. Stayed awake for more than 2 days because of exams.
  19. Applauded as soon as my plane landed.
  20. Yelled at a customer care representative.
  21. Been afraid of the dark.
  22. Tried to shape my eyebrow by myself.
  23. Believed in love at first sight.
  24. Been sun-burnt ever.
  25. Forgotten to flush the toilet at a friend’s house.
  26. Gotten lost while camping
  27. Cried while riding a roller coaster.
  28. Had a complete make-over by my girlfriend.
  29. Binge ate at night due to anxiety.
  30. Done drugs with my friends.
  31. Bought weed and tried getting high.
  32. Got a friend addicted to smoking.
  33. Got caught while getting high on marijuana.

Totally Bizarre

Never Have I Ever

  1. Gotten caught appreciating myself in the mirror.
  2. Eaten something I hate.
  3. Had a pizza with pineapples on it.
  4. Scolded my siblings in public.
  5. Demoralized someone during his/her final exams.
  6. Fallen off my bed at night and hurt myself.
  7. Publicly insulted anyone.
  8. Left my pet at an unknown location, intentionally.
  9. Had a celebrity crush on Kim Kardashian.
  10. Dreamt of falling from a mountain.
  11. Had a nightmare and couldn’t sleep again the whole night.
  12. Preferred Xbox over Playstation.
  13. Lost my calm during a heated argument.
  14. Lost a friend due to their political views.
  15. Been rude to my mom and felt bad later on.
  16. Went to a party with a bad stomach, regretted it instantly.
  17. Had popcorn or ice cream for breakfast.
  18. Remembered something funny while at a funeral.
  19. Cursed someone over something petty.
  20. Passed racist remarks intentionally.