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How to Know If You’re Too Nice In A Relationship

Being nice is the language of any relationship is important. However, there is a thin line between being nice and being too nice in a relationship. If you happen to cross this line, you could find yourself in a world of trouble trying to get out. Women that are too nice often find that they are taken advantage of or dumped without a reason why. Before you get that far, read these signs listed below and see if you’re going overboard in the nice department.

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Immediate Availability : One of the first ways to tell if you’re too nice in a relationship is your availability. Women often make the mistake of trying to be there for a man whenever they ask. The trouble with this is they will take advantage. Do you find that every time the phone rings you answer it? Or maybe every time he wants to go out somewhere, you rearrange your plans so you can go? Whatever the case, this is too nice and you need to take it back a bit.

Cater to His Every Need : Unless you’re happily married, there is no reason that you should be catering to a man’s every need. The line between girlfriend, wife, and mother is very thin and you really need to stay in your lane. Preparing home cooked meals every time he comes over, rubbing his feet, washing his clothes, running his bath/shower water, and anything else that he needs all the time is a bit much. This might mean you’re being too nice in a relationship.

You’re Always the Giver : One of the best ways to determine if you’re being too nice in a relationship is if you’re always the giver. A relationship should be a two way street. Give and take should be balanced between both partners at all times. If you are the only one giving him what he needs but not getting what you need in return, chances are you’re being too nice and need to stop.

Being too nice in a relationship might work out in the beginning, however, as the relationship carries on you will begin to feel unappreciated, taken advantage of, and unloved. Try to find a balance in the way you treat your man and see how he reciprocates your actions. Putting yourself out there too soon and too hard could really leave you drained and broken hearted.

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