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Language of Desire Review – Does It Really Work?

What is The Language of Desire?

The Language of Desire is a relationship program by Felicity Keith that reveals Secret Dirty Words that not only makes a man fall deeply in love, but makes him reciprocate in a very special way like he has never done before. The Language of Desire provides a deep insight into the male psychological mind and reveals secret fantasies of every man and how through some carefully selected words, you can fulfill those fantasies and make him open up totally and commit to loving you and only you.

Language of Desire

The Language of Desire is the result of a personal quest by Felicity Keith to discover what exactly made men different than women, why some women seem to have their relationship and their man in control and others don’t and how any woman can use that information to make her and her man enjoy a completely and utterly blissed-out sex life and a wonderful relationship.

SPECIAL 2018 UPDATE : This is a review of Language of Desire by Felicity Keith. If you want a complete  guide of Language of Desire and The special phrases that will turn your man on and make him desire you and only you for as long as you want kindly CLICK HERE NOW

The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith Review

The Language of Desire is a relationship program for women that shows you how by using your words and attitude you can become the fantasy of your man. The program teaches women the psychology of the male mind and how by using dirty talk you can get any man to desire you so much that he will literally do anything to please you.  In The Language of Desire, Felicity Keith shows you how you can trigger unconditional love, attention, devotion, and desire in your man.  To begin The Language of Desire Review here is a quick overview of the language of desire program.

 What Does The Language of Desire Contain?

The Language of Desire is a 10 module course online program which is downloadable in PDF form.  Each of these module comes with some lessons and a worksheet or two. In each of the module, tips and techniques are taught that will help you better understand your man, his sexual desires, yourself and how you can achieve a Primal Sexual experience with your partner. Here is a quick overview of the 10 modules contained in The Language of Desire.

  1. Introduction
  2. Become A Sexual Superwoman
  3. Loving Man’s Best Friend (hint: it’s not his dog)
  4. Brain Chemistry And Sex
  5. Erotic Action Movie Technique
  6. Desire Intensifiers
  7. Upgrade Your Relationship Status
  8. Getting Your Fantasies Met (with him thinking it’s his idea)
  9. When Sex Isn’t Possible (…or if it’s boring)
  10. Dirty Talk Mastery

“He pays more attention to his work, smart phone, or video games than to me”! This has become a common word with most ladies who are frustrated with the lack of attention from their man. There used to be a time when all you have to do to attract and keep a man is to just be yourself, but not anymore. While a beautiful face and a good character can attract a good man to you, it takes much more to keep that man 100% satisfied and sexually focused on me and ensure your relationship keep flourishing where others are failing. Listen to the below video as Felicity Keith explains The Language of Desire program and how it can help transform your boring relationship to a thriving one.


Language of desire

Who Needs The Language of Desire Program?

The Language of Desire Program is virtually for every woman in a relationship who desires greater love, commitment, devotion and sexual satisfaction in her relationship. It’s for the woman who is tired of being shy of her own sexual needs, who is tired of not knowing what to say, how to say it, what to do, how to do it. It’s for every woman who wants to keep her man monogamous for life. Who wants to satisfy the sexual craving of her man, while satisfying her own desire. The Language of desire dig deep into the male psychological mind and reveals how men think, why they think the way they do and how you can take advantage of that and keep your man happy for life.

Is your time in the bedroom not as sweet as it used to be? Maybe he wants it more than you do, and you’re feeling pressured. Or he wants to cut to the chase, and you’re left unsatisfied. Or it’s the other way around. You feel like the man in the relationship – and you’re wondering if you’re not so desirable to him anymore. Or maybe you’re both just getting tired of the same old routine. Language of Desire offers a refreshing new insights that will bring passion and love into your relationship and make you the only secret fantasy of your man.

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Language of Desire Bonus Products.

The Language of Desire program contain 3 bonus products this is aside the core 10 module program you will be having access to. Personally, this is what makes Language of Desire more than worth your investment. These bonus product are complimentary to the core program and shows you how you can improve other aspect of your relationship aside the romantic part. These product are digital and downloadable and they include,

Language of Desire

SILENT SEDUCTION: Silent Seduction is a practical guide to the act of seducing your man. It shows you how to create absolute craving in him without you saying a single word to him. In the Silent Seduction training, you will learn how to use body language which includes, winking, smiling, the tilting of your head, to short circuit his sexual nervous system and drive him absolutely wild.

THE GOOD GIRL’S GUIDE TO TEXTING DIRTY: This is a huge romantic resource anyone desiring to be most romantic must have. It contains Felicity Keith’s private collection of “Done-For-You Dirty Texts” These over 200 texts messages are proven and are ready to be used on your man.

UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE: This is an MP3 downloadable audio teaching. It’s contain over 90 minutes of deep conversation and training between Michael Fiore of Digital Romance Inc and Michael Griswold. This training shows you how to have unshakable confidence with men, and how to use feminine vulnerability to wrap any man you want around your finger.

The Pros of Language of Desire by Felicity Keith

  • The author of this program shares her personal experience, which makes it easy for people to relate with. She also brings in her years of experience in relationship and dating counseling.
  • There is a 60 days money back guarantee on this product which means if within 60 days you are not satisfied or don’t get the result it promises, you can ask for a full refund.
  • The main program is broken down intuitively into 10 separate modules each containing lessons and worksheet for practice purpose and note taking. This makes it very easy to read and understand.
  • Unlike most relationship books, this program dives into the sex world that people don’t usually want to talk about yet everyone is affected by it.
  • Filled with practical examples.  In Module Six, short compose sms example are given that you can send to your man to intensifier his desires for you.

The Cons of Language of Desire by Felicity Keith

  • This program was written for women only. Hopefully there will be a male version
  • The use of strong sexual language may be a little embarrassing to some users who are either religious or not use to such strong words
  • Can only be purchased online through the official website www.languageofdesires.com

Final Thought on Language of Desire Program

Language of Desire is an in depth informative program for women desire more from their relationship when it comes to sexual satisfactions.  Not only are you guided to discover your primal sexual self, you are taught on how to use this new found self to make your man love you more than ever that he can’t wait to have you anything he is around you. If you are a sexually shy woman or one seeking greater love from her man, this program is for you.

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