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7 Ways You are Destroying Your Wife and Killing Your Marriage

Relationships aren’t easy and there is a reason, why most marriages today end in divorce and that reason isn’t a lack of communication, but rather of a lack of understanding about what they should be communicating about. All too often marriages end up under strain because of small, easily avoidable problems, which end up becoming a big deal, because they are not handled correctly. If this sounds like your relationship and you want to address the problems, before they become too big to handle, then read on and find out what the 7 most common ways are, to destroy a marriage.

Sad Wife

1. Not Showing Love

It’s no well-kept secret, that over time passion fades and that feeling you once had, which meant you didn’t want to take your hands off of each other, disappears and is replaced only my familiarity and comfort. That doesn’t mean however, that you should just let things fall into a pattern or routine. Your wife needs to feel, as though, you still think she is the most beautiful girl in the world to you and you should be the one who shows her that on a daily basis.

2. Not Making Her Your Number One

In a marriage you need to make sure that you both retain separate lives. You both want to be able to go out with friends and you both want to have other people to rely on. A successful marriage cannot be built by two people who only ever see each other, as, overtime this becomes too much. This doesn’t mean however, that you should be putting your friends first. You should always make sure, that even if you are going out to see friends, that your wife knows she comes first and that if she needs you, then you will be there for her, no matter what.

3. Telling Lies

If you want a successful marriage, then you probably already know that lying isn’t going to get you one. The thing about lies is that it doesn’t matter how big or small they are, they always find a way of getting out. If your wife suspects or knows that you have lied to her about something, then this is going to upset her. If you want to make sure that your wife knows you respect and love her, then you need to tell her the truth, even if that truth might her hurt her.

4. Being Negative

We all have bad days, where nothing seems to be going right and all we want to do, is crawl back into bed and sleep through the storm. The thing is though, that you can’t let these days win. You need to be putting on a brave face for your wife and showing her that you haven’t given up. If you are constantly negative then this is going to put a huge weight on your wife and she is going to want to carry your burdens, which isn’t fair on her.

5. Not Supportive

When you got married to your wife, you promised to love her in sickness and in health, until death do you part. This also means that you have promised to support your wife through thick and thin. If you want your wife to be happy, then she needs to know that you support her, even if what she wants to do is stupid in your opinion. A wife who feels supported by her husband is going to be much happier than a wife who isn’t.

6. Expecting Too Much

Once upon a time, men went to work and when they came home, the wife would have dinner on the table waiting for him. This isn’t the time however that we live in now and often, men’s expectations of their wives can be their own downfalls. If your wife works, then you can’t be expecting her to cook you dinner too. Remember that marriage is a partnership and you should both be putting in equal amounts of effort and work.

7. Being Too Serious

A marriage is a pretty serious commitment. You take the oath to love and cherish the person you are with, until death and if you take those vows, then you know you are pretty serious about the person you are with. There is nothing wrong with taking your vows seriously, but that doesn’t mean that everything has to be serious. Girls just want to have fun and as a husband, you are in control of your wife’s fun. If you are too serious all the time, then you wife might start to feel bored and suffocated. This can lead on to your wife looking for fun elsewhere and her dreading spending time with you. If you want your wife to be happy and for your marriage to be successful, then you need to make sure that you can make your wife smile and laugh.

In Conclusion

When a marriage runs into trouble, you have two opinions. You can both give up and go in your separate directions or you can both fight to save what you both share. The thing is though, if you want to fight, then you need to know what the enemy is and you need to know that it isn’t your wife, but perhaps, the way you have been treating her, that has gotten you into this trouble.

Sometimes it can be easy to overlook the things we do wrong, but if you want to make your marriage work and your wife happy, then you need to be able to accept all the faults on your side, as well, as pointing out any, which might be on hers. Once you are ready to accept that faults are on both sides, you will find that fighting for your relationship will come a lot easier and that any animosity between you both will start to clear up. If she was worth taking vows for, then she should be worth fighting for.

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