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7 Secrets to a Long and Happy Relationship

It isn’t hard to get into a relationship these days, especially since the social media boom. That doesn’t mean though that everybody is finding themselves in happy relationships. In fact the most common occurrence is that those relationships dissolve faster than a bath bomb! So how can you make sure that your relationship will bring you happiness? What can you do, to ensure that both you and your partner are getting the happiness you deserve?

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1. Forgive

You cannot and will not build a happy relationship on living in the past. It doesn’t matter who did or said what, if you want your relationship to flourish then you have to learn to forgive. Forgiveness is a key player in building a strong and happy bond between you and your partner. This doesn’t mean that you will ever forget something that might require forgiveness. It means that you must accept that it happened, learn from it and then move on. If you are still bringing up a mistake that happened months or even years earlier, then this is only bringing negativity into your relationship.

2. Trust

Trust is something that should be given freely but it should never be given twice to the same person. A good, happy relationship should be built on trust that is there from the beginning. A relationship without trust can only be compared to building a house on the beach without foundations. It might look pretty from the outside but at some point it is going to sink. If your partner has done something to lose the trust that you have given, but you want to continue, then you must both understand that rebuilding something as delicate as trust will take time, it is up to the both of you whether you are willing to work through that time or not.

3. Compromise

It is always important to remember that a relationship is built by two people and not just one or the other. This means that you will find at times, that your interests may conflict and one of you has to back down. It then comes down to which of you are willing to make the compromise. If however you have found yourself compromising a lot more than your partner, then perhaps it might be worth discussing this and trying to work out a solution that suits both of you.

4. Respect

A relationship should be forcing you into being the best version of you that you can possibly be. This means that there should always be a mutual respect between you. If your partner wants to change jobs or move and they have a good reason behind it, then irrelevant to how you might feel about it, you should respect your partner enough to support their hopes and dreams. The same can be said about your partner and your hopes and dreams too.

5. Care

A happy relationship is built on two people caring for each other. That doesn’t just mean picking up tissues from the shop when they have a cold either, it means listening to them telling you about their day and caring when their favourite football team loses.

6. Understanding

If you want to ensure that your relationship remains a happy one, then you need to be able to see things from each other’s point of view. If you struggle to do this then you might find that arguments will arise in the future.

7. Listen

If your partner is trying to tell you about something, then take the time to really listen to what they are saying. It can often be easy to zone out when someone close to you is telling you something, that you might not be interested in, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put the effort in anyway.

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