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5 Simple Tips for Attracting the Right Partner into Your Life

Have you ever been on a date and realized right in the beginning that the person were with is NOT the right fit for us? The conversation lulls or you have none of the same interests. Maybe he is too forward, or laughs too much. Whatever it is you know that you will not be having a second date. Attracting the right partner into your life is more art than science. It’s something you can learn, something you can achieve by following a few simple learn-able tips.

When it comes to dating, too often we tend to attract the WRONG type. But why is that? And how can we attract the right partner? Attracting the right person shouldn’t be hard especially if you know yourself and know what your want and more importantly what your priorities are, however this is easier said than done. Most people are lost in this regards and end up attracting the wrong over and over again. Here are some simple tips to help you break the cycle of attracting wrong partners and put you in the path of attracting the right partner.

Attracting the right partner

1. Be Yourself– From the beginning! Don’t try to attract someone by being something that you are not. Don’t feign an interest in sports just because he is cute, and don’t pretend to be a genius because he is a doctor. Be yourself and be confident in who you are.

2. Dress Appropriately– Attracting a mate because of what you are wearing (or not wearing) is not the best way to land a relationship. It is a great way to land a one night stand, or short term fling. If that is NOT what you are wanting then dress appropriately in a way that shows you respect yourself, and you demand respect from men as well.

3. Know What You Want– The best way to attract the right partner is by knowing what you want from the beginning. Do you want someone who is looking for a long term relationship? Do you want someone to rebound with or a short term fling? If you go into dating knowing what you want out of the relationship you are more likely to find what you want. If you have no idea what you want, chances are you going to attract just about anyone or anything….

4. Stay True to Your Values– Sometimes we change our ideals or values just to attract a mate. Picking up drinking to attract a guy isn’t going to land you a long term relationship. It is going to land you a fling… Also, staying true to your core values from the beginning is going to attract someone who respects you for who you are. Not what you pretended to be.

5. Be Honest and Open- When you meet someone for the first time have open communication. Don’t lie or keep secrets if they ask you a question. Answer honestly and truthfully. Ask questions back, be open with each other. This may lead to rejection, but it is also going to lead you the right person for you!

Attracting the right partner is not going to happen overnight. But, if you are tired of attracting the wrong ones…you may want to give some of these tips a try!

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