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19 Things You Should be Doing for Your Wife on a Daily Basis

Sometimes when you have been in a relationship or marriage for a long time, you can forget to do the little things, which really show that you care. Forgetting about the little things, doesn’t mean that your wife won’t know that you care, but remembering the little things, will ensure that she never doubts it.

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1. Surprise Her

Women love to be surprised because to them it shows that someone has cared enough about them, to plan a surprise and execute it. If you want to show your wife how much she means to you, then create a surprise you know that she will love and don’t wait for a special occasion to do it, do it just because you want to.

2. Tell Her She is Beautiful

Sometimes women can feel fragile and ugly. This isn’t anybody’s fault, but it is something that can be prevented. Tell your wife that she is beautiful every day, don’t just tell her when she has gotten ready to go out and is looking her best.

3. Treat Her

Your wife does a lot for you, she stands by your side, she looks after you when you are sick and one day she might even carry your children. So treat her the way that she deserves and occasionally literally treat her to something that you know she would love.

4. Take Her Out

Don’t wait for a special occasion to take your wife out, instead, plan regular date nights and days out, where you can both let your hair down and really enjoy each other’s company.

5. Listen to Her

It doesn’t matter whether your wife is babbling on about the hairdressers or whether she is talking about ground breaking politics, if your wife has thought it important enough to bring up, then you should think it important enough to listen to.

6. Respect Her

If your wife wants to dye her hair green and get her nose pierced, then respect her, even if you do not agree with it. No woman wants to feel, as though, their husbands are judging them or belittling them.

7. Show an Interest in Hers

If your wife has a hobby or something she likes to do, then don’t wait for her to bring it up, ask her about it and show her that you are interested in the things that make her happy.

8. Kiss Her

Don’t always wait for her to make the first move, show her how irresistible you find her by stealing a kiss, often.

9. Ask Her About Her Friends

Okay, so you might not know what the curly haired one is called, but your wife will still appreciate you inquiring about whether she is well or not.

10. Let Her have Fun

You might have both been working all week and you might want to just have a quiet weekend in with your wife, but that doesn’t mean that she always wants to stay in. If your wife wants to go out with friends, then don’t make her feel bad for leaving you at home, make sure she knows that you want to her have fun.

11. Get Jealous

Jealously can be a big problem in relationships, but it can also be a problem when there isn’t any at all. Getting a little jealous occasionally shows that you still care about your wife and that you think she is good enough to be stolen by somebody else.

12. Give Her Space

Sometimes a girl just needs a few hours to herself with a good book. Don’t suffocate your wife by always being around her, plan a night out with the guys and let her have some time to herself. She will appreciate you much more, once she has had a chance to miss you.

13. Always have Her Back

It doesn’t matter whether your wife started the argument or if she is simply trying to finish it, you should always have her back, even if you think she is in the wrong. It’s okay to discuss this with her after, but at the time, make sure that you provide a solid front to whoever is trying to attack your wife.

14. Support Her Dreams

It doesn’t matter whether your wife’s dreams are to lose weight or to open a theme park, you are her husband and it is your responsibility to support your wife and her dreams, irrelevant to how unrealistic they might be.

15. Respect Fer Family

Your mother in law might be a monster in law, but she is still your wife’s mother and you should always remember that. No girl wants to listen to her husband hate on her family, so make sure you make an effort to like them, or at least tolerate them.

16. Talk Openly to Her

Women respect men who can talk openly about their feelings and fears. If you want your wife to know that you care about her, then tell her about what is going on in your mind and really let her in. She will respect you much more for it.

17. Tell Her You Love Her

It can be easy to assume that your wife knows how you feel, but that isn’t always the case and it is never a bad or wrong time, to hear that somebody loves you. So tell her that you love her and tell her often.

18. Please Her

Show your wife just how much you desire her, by taking her to the bedroom, but don’t expect anything in return. Your wife will love the fact that you have cared enough to please her, without wanting anything back.

19. Protect Her

Women want to feel safe and protected by their partner’s, so if your wife is feeling vulnerable or unsafe, then make sure that she knows you are here for her and that you won’t let anything happen to her. Women look up to the people who are willing to defend them and this is exactly what you want.

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