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10 Signs That You’re in The Right Relationship (There’s Trust)

We all suffer from fear when it comes to handing out our hearts. We know that if we get it right, then we might have found something that could last a life time, but if we get it wrong, then our hearts can be broken beyond repair. So, it’s only right to have caution when it comes to who we give our hearts to, right? How can you know for certain though, that the relationship you are in is the right one for you? How can you know that you are making a sensible gamble with your heart?

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1. You Have Trust

Trust is something that is hard to earn and easy to break. In fact, the only way to build a real foundation of trust with somebody is to allow time to pass. Time is the only thing that can prove that your trust has been well placed and once it does, you can feel much more secure in your relationship.

2. You Have Eyes for Each Other

Loyalty is again, something which must be earned over time. When a person becomes loyal to another, they will always have their best interests in heart. This means that you would never intentionally hurt them. It also means that you only have eyes for them and you don’t need to think about others to make you happy. If you both have a strong foundation of loyalty, then you know that the relationship is on the right tracks.

3. It Takes Four Months

When you first start being in a relationship with somebody, you will find that you have an intense desire to be around them all the time, to know everything about them and to hit the sheets, as much, as you can. This stage of the relationship however doesn’t last and you will find that in around four months that lust for your partner will calm down and there isn’t always something to take its place. If there is though, then you can assume that you are in love with them and love is an essential part of a relationship.

4. Everything About Your Relationship is Supportive

There is nothing wrong with having a joke, but when it comes to the important things, you know that your partner has your back. A relationship should always be a supportive place, where anything can be spoken about in confidence, without the worry of judgement or it being spread about. If your relationship feels like this, then you know that you are doing things right.

5. You Stand a Little Taller

A good relationship should build you up, as a person. When you are in it, the combination of knowing that you are loved unconditionally and having constant support should give you a new zest for life. If you feel like your relationship isn’t doing this and it’s instead, pulling you down, then you might not be with the right person.

6. You’ve Unpacked Your Baggage

Everybody has baggage, which they carry with them throughout their lives. We all have dubious past actions, which we might regret today, but will always leave a question mark on our records. It is however, the job of our future partner’s to look passed our past indiscretions without judgement or holding them against us. It is our jobs in return to do the same with theirs. If you are in a relationship where the past is being left in the past, then you are defiantly in the right relationship for you.

7. You Share a Bond

A relationship is more than just kissing and having sex. If you want a solid relationship that will stand the tests of time, then you need to share an emotional bond with each other too. You both need to feel a sense of missing each other when you are apart for instance. You need to feel empathy for each other and sense when the other needs support and care. If you share a bond like this with your partner then you are in the right relationship for you at this time.

8. “I” Becomes “We”

When you’re single you become an “I” kind of person. It’s not a selfish thing; it’s just that you can make plans without having to consider other people. You can spend your money in the way that you want, because you don’t have anybody else relying on you, but when you get into a relationship everything changes and suddenly everything has a potential “We” instead of “I”. The way to tell whether you are in the right relationship for you is by how you feel when you say “We”. If you feel happy that you get to include your partner in your future plans, then this is a good sign. If you don’t feel happy about it however, then you might want to consider why.

9. You Have Faith in Each Other

Sometimes, especially early on in a relationship you find yourself being unable to trust your partner, or perhaps, a little unsure about their intentions. This is the point in the relationship where you need to decide whether you have faith in them instead, faith that they will do the right thing, even though you have your doubts and faith that it won’t result in you being hurt or upset. If you have gone through a period like this and survived, then that is a very good sign that you are in the right relationship.

10. You Argue Constructively

Every couple argues and you might be surprised to know, that a healthy relationship needs arguments. The simple fact is that whilst you both might be likeminded, there will be times when you disagree. The difference between a turbulent relationship and a healthy one though is what you are arguing about. Healthy relationships have constructive arguments, which are based around a current problem, which needs to be solved.

In Conclusion

Sometimes we must all take a gamble with our hearts, but sometimes those gambles can be backed with little signs, which tell us, that maybe, just maybe, we have found the right person for us .

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