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If You Want a Happy Relationship – Do These 7 Things

Everyone in a committed relationship wants both a Happy Relationship and a Lasting Relationship. So how do you ensure a lasting  relationship? One that excites you, one that is supportive, one that will survive all the trials that comes with a relationship? The key is to create a happy relationship  and I will be sharing with you 7 important keys any one can use to create a lasting and happy relationship.  My name is Garry Adams and here are the 7 keys to a happy relationship.

Happy Relationship

7 Things to Do If You Want a Happy Relationship

1. Listen : Taking the time to listen to what your partner says is key to a happy relationship. No one wants to play second fiddle to a handheld device or TV show. They want eye contact; they want to feel like they are important. They key to doing this is listening. Remember that just because it is not important to you, doesn’t mean it’s not important.

2. Make Time : All relationships take time. You need to spend time together in order to show your love to one another. Make weekly date nights a priority. Carve out time for each other and your relationship will be happier and healthier.

3. Be Supportive : Every happy relationship feeds on moral and spiritual support from the partners involved. Be your partners biggest cheerleader! Send him encouraging texts when he has a big meeting at work. Take an interest in her hobbies or classes. Support each other’s jobs, goals and dreams. When we take an interest in what is important to our partner, we are telling them THEY are important and that we care about what they are doing. This screams volumes in a happy relationship.

4. Be Intimate  : The average couples are intimate 2-3 times a month. But those who are intimate at least once or twice a week are much happier! Why? Intimacy is important to a healthy happy relationship. Intimacy tells our partner that we love them, care for them, and are happy with them. Intimacy helps to reduce the stress and pressure that comes from work and living in an ever demanding world. Intimacy refreshes the mind and body and allows couples to bond ever more. Become intimate with your partner and make it more frequent.

5. Compliment Each Other  : When we are in a relationship we care about what the other thinks about us. We want to know they love us, and that they think we are great! The only way they know this though is if we tell them. So, make the time to compliment one another. Tell your partner they look great! Tell him that he still makes your heart melt. Encourage them, and let them know you care. This will make them happy which in turn will lead to a happy relationship.

6. Fight Right : All couples have disagreements. The key to disagreeing and staying in a relationship is to fight right. How do you do this? By not being rude and inconsiderate when you disagree. Don’t throw up past arguments or faults. Leave the past in the past and focus on the current disagreement. Listen to what the other is saying, and avoid using terms like “you always and you never” instead use terms like “I feel” or “we need to”. This takes the blame off of the other person and focuses on emotions and the health of the relationship.

7. Make Memories : Relationships are fun and we should want to build lasting memories together! Do fun things that you’ve never done before. Dance in the rain, take that trip, and try something new. Create memories together that you will always remember. These experiences and time spent together are something that can’t be undone. The memories will last and create a happy relationship.

All relationships have ups and downs.  They take work, and time. However all good things require an investment. So, make the choice to invest in your relationship. Take the time, and make the memories. You won’t regret it and chances are you will have a happy relationship because of it!

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Happy Relationship