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10 Ugly Things awful Wives do to Their Husbands

When you start dating someone, they give you the best version of themselves. They actively try to impress you in the hopes that you might fall in love with them. This first impression can leave you feeling blown away, as you are sure that you’ve found the girl of your dreams, but then you get married, you secure the girl of your dreams and suddenly everything changes. You find that she doesn’t feel the need to impress you anymore and you’re finally getting to see the ugly things that they do, because quite frankly, they are awful wives.

awful wife

1. She Doesn’t Appreciate Him

A man takes two or three jobs, so that his wife can stay at home with the kids. He brings the money in to provide for his family and all he ask for in return is a little appreciation, but his wife doesn’t seem to think that she needs to appreciate him. A wife who is unprepared to appreciate her husband is awful in all respects, as she should be grateful for the things that her husband is willing to do for her.

2. She Doubts his Judgement

When it comes to the big things in life, it is always wise to discuss them with your wife, but that doesn’t give her the right to doubt your judgment. When you both said your vows, you promised to look after her and keep her from harm, your wife should be respecting your promise and having faith in your judgment, even if she disagrees with it.

3. She Belittles Him

An awful wife is the kind of woman who belittles you in front of your friends. There is nothing wrong with a wife having the occasional joke at your expense, providing that it is tasteful, but when it happens all the time, then you need to speak up about how ugly her personality is becoming. Your wife should always respect you and she should never make you feel small. It is her job to look up to you and make you feel like the best man that you can be, she shouldn’t be stripping that away from you.

4. She’s not Respectful His Needs

Every man has needs and it’s his wife’s job to ensure that those needs are seen to. If your wife is unhappy then you will do everything you can to change that, so she should be offering the same service back to you. As your wife, she should be able to tell when you are feeling down or when you need cheering up and she should be willing to be the person who goes out of their way to ensure that you are feeling good and happy again.

5. She puts Herself First always

Being married means that you are being selfless for another person. Being a man’s wife, means that you will always put his needs, before your own and that you will always ensure his happiness, even if that means the cost of your own. If your wife is unwilling to put you first and she only thinks about herself, then she is being ugly and her actions need to be spoken about.

6. She puts the Children Before Him

If you have disciplined your child, but your wife has questioned you because of it, in front of your child, then this isn’t acceptable and it’s actually an ugly personality trait, as your children know that they can come between you and your wife. Your wife should love your children equally to you, but she should always put your needs and feeling above the children’s so that you display a united front, which they can respect.

7. She lies to Him

A good wife does not lie to her husband, no matter how small or white, the lie might be. A good wife knows that the truth always comes out and even if she has made a mistake, it is repairable, providing she can own up to her own mistakes and accept responsibility for them. An awful wife would rather shirk the responsibility, as she doesn’t have enough respect to own up to her mistakes. An awful wife is a wife, which lies to her husband, even about the most trivial things.

8. She doesn’t Respect the Vows they both Made

A wedding vow isn’t just something, which you say once and then leave to be forgotten. A wedding vow is a promise, which you both make to each other. These vows should always be respected, irrelevant to how long you might have both been married. An awful wife is one who believes she doesn’t have to keep to her promises, which she made on her wedding day and that can lead to some ugly consequences.

9. She’s unwilling to Compromise

A marriage is all about compromise, as you both work to keep each other happy. This is the only way a marriage can stay healthy and happy, as the years pass. If your wife is selfish and unwilling to compromise with you, about matters, which you consider important, then she is showing an ugly side to her personality and you might want to make it clear to her, that she needs to start seeing things from your point of view, if she wants you to see them from hers.

10 She Cheats on Him

An awful wife breaks all the promises she makes. An awful wife lies about those promises, which she has broken. An awful wife is one who doesn’t appreciate what she has in front of her and then goes looking elsewhere for what she seeks. A good wife would never cheat on her husband.

In Conclusion

Sometimes we don’t know quite who we are with, until we have committed to spending the rest of our lives with them. Sometimes we discover that we have chosen beautiful people on the inside and out, but other times, we are not so lucky and we discover that our wives are filled with an ugliness, which makes them just awful.

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