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3 Text Messages To Bring Romance Back In Your Relationship

They say that the art of conversation is dead, but this simply isn’t true. People still communicate on a daily basis and perhaps, more so, than they ever did before smartphones and the internet were common household items. The thing is though, it is the art that has changed, people don’t speak face to face anymore, they just speak with a phone pressed against their face instead. This doesn’t mean that communication is dead, it just means that it is adapting and so must you, if you want to keep up in the busy world of today. When it comes to romance though, how do you capture something, which is normally done face to face and put it down in a message? How can you bring romance from the real world to the digital world, and how can you make it work for you?

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1. “I wish we were alone right now” – Click here for more

A great way of putting a spark back in your romance is by telling subtly telling your partner how much you want them. Using words like you wish you were alone right now, gives your partner a mental image of what you might be doing, should you be alone and this will get their blood pumping and their hearts racing.

2. “You look really good in (Insert clothing item here)” – Click here for more

It’s always nice to get complimented on what we are wearing, but doing it through text, can add an extra meaning to the words. If you tell a person they look good out loud, then it’s nice, it’s a compliment, they will say thank you. However if you text them it, when you are close by and could say it out loud, then your partner will wonder why you didn’t. They will wonder why you couldn’t say it in front of the people you are with and then they will come up with their own conclusions.

3. “I’m just thinking about when (Insert a time here)” – Click here for more

Texting your partner out of the blue to remind them about a good time that you had, can really peak their interest in you. It shows that you have been thinking about them in a romantic kind of way and that you are in the mood to recreate the time that you have been thinking about.

4. “I miss you” – Click here for more

If your partner works away a lot, or you haven’t had chance to see them much recently, then don’t hold back about telling them that you miss them. Knowing that your partner is feeling your absence and that they want you to be close to them can really boost the romantic flame in your relationship, as this shows that you have been thinking about them.

5. “Do you remember (Insert a time here)” – Click here for more

Whilst reminding your partner about a romantic time, will let them know that you have been thinking about it, there is something that is even better and that is reminding them about a romantic time. You don’t need to tell them everything that you remember, just bring up the occasion and let their minds wonder for themselves.

6. “I wish I could touch you right now” –  Click here for more

If you and your partner are out, then send them this little subtle text. The fact that you know you can’t touch each other in the situation, will only build up the longing to touch each other when you get home. You will both be able to enjoy the dance, which comes from knowing a person wants you and knowing you can’t do anything about it.

7. “Tonight I’m going to (Insert action here)” –  Click here for more

If you and your partner spend your days apart, then there is nothing wrong with building up an idea of what they might be coming home to. Texting your partner things like what you will do to them when they get home, will not only peak their interest in you, but it will also add a playful level of flirting to your relationship that you might have not felt since you started dating.

8. “You make me feel so (Insert word here)” – Click here for more

Whilst it is always nice to receive a compliment about how you look, there is something that when used correctly, is much more effective. Telling a person about how they make you feel, can be a huge ego booster on their side. Telling them that they make you feel safe or wanted for example, will make them feel good about themselves.

9. “I love it when you (insert action here)” – Click here for more

Sometimes it’s good to build a story inside a person’s head and when it comes to your partner, the most graphic the story the better. Telling your partner that you love it when they kiss you on the neck or stroke your back for instance, can really boost their confidence and it also tells them that you have been thinking about them in that kind of way.

10. “I want you” – Click here for more

Sometimes the simple things are the best and when it comes to letting your partner know about how much you want them, sometimes telling them in a straightforward manner is all you need. Telling your partner that you want them, will build up the idea that you not only feel their absence but that you miss their touch too and this can really help to put the romantic spark back into your relationship.

In conclusion

The art of communication isn’t dead, it is just changing and if you want to keep the romance in your relationship, then you are going to have to be willing, to move along and adapt to these changes. Text messaging can be something, which might seem pointless to you, but the truth is that text messages are the secret weapon that you didn’t know you have. Don’t waste all those moments you and your partner aren’t together with radio silence, let them know that you are missing them and thinking about them.

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