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Examples of Techniques in Language of Desire by Felicity Keith

What is Language of Desire?

Written by Felicity Keith and Created by Michael Fiore of Digital Romance Inc, Language of Desire is a relationship program that teaches women dirty talk techniques that even the shyest, most innocent woman can use to turn any man on and make him desire her so much that he will re-arrange his life and schedule just to please her and win her affection. The Language of Desire is mainly for woman who desire more love, affection and commitment from their man and are willingly to learn the non-verbal flirtation techniques that works so well with men. In the Language of Desire, Felicity Keith starts out with her own personal frustration of not being able to satisfied the sexual need of her man and how that almost caused the collapsed of her relationship. In the program, she revealed exactly what she learnt and did that turned her from the shy, low confident woman to a super sexual woman, the pride and only fantasy of her man.

Language of Desire

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Examples of Techniques in Language of Desire.

The Language of Desire is a downloadable online course that is composed of 10 modules. These modules each contain various lessons, from understanding the man’s mind to how to win the heart of your man. Also in each modules are various techniques that are key to turning your man on and making you his one and only desire. Here are examples of the techniques taught in Language of Desire and what they are used for.

The Pavlov’s Erection Technique – No doubt the most popular technique in the Language of Desire course for a good reason, the Pavlov’s Erection Technique reveals the technique you can use to turn any man on, make him vibrate with intense desire and love for you, a desire intense so strong that you will become his only thought, all by doing as little as whispering a seemingly innocent Obsession Phrases to his ear.

The Erotic Telepathy – A widely used and effective technique, the Erotic Telepathy become very necessary in a situation where you are in love or admire a man who is afraid of his own emotions. We all build walls around us, however, the same wall that keeps heartbreak away also keep love away. Men are know to be strong emotionally and that  perception often lead them to build unnecessary mental defenses that protect them from either falling in love or showing deep emotions. The Erotic Telepathy shows you exactly how to break and get pass these defenses and get to the heart of your man.

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The Boiled Frog – This is more like the basic of Language of Desire. It’s dirty talk 101 for shy people. This technique shows you exactly how it is done. It reveals the first thing you should say to your man to set things in motion and more to more phrases that turn up the heat so much that every cell in body is humming with erotic electricity and desire for you ONLY.

The Tease Intensifier – To better understand the Tease Intensifier you need knowledge of the Desire Intensifier. Desire Intensifier technique is the technique you deploy to create an erotic feeling in a man’s mind. The Desire Intensifier helps plant the seed of desire, the desire for you in the man’s mind. The Tease Intensifier is what set things in motion. With this technique, you masterfully crank up the sexual heat between you and your man. The Tease Intensifier is use to make your man pant with so much desire for you. He will be practically begging for you. This technique also have an extension called The Oral Intensifier which shows you how to give a blow job that will blow your man’s mind away.

The Lust Mirror Phrase – This technique reveals a little trick that forces a man out of his head and right back into the moment by reflecting his secret desires back at him. This technique is probably one of the most powerful of Language of Desire course. This techniques gets into the male emotional part and focuses it on you. His eyes will flew open to your presence like he is just seeing you for the first time, he will no longer be able to ignore or resist you. He will listen to your desire and be willing to obey and please you. You will command his every attention and every love attempt by you will be well responded to.

The Cuddle Hormone Technique – This technique are for those looking to attract the most romantic man to their lives or those who want to inspire more romance in the relationship. The Cuddle Hormone Technique reveals secret words and phrase that you can use on any man that will force him into thinking of you as the most adorable person he has ever. He will begin to call you, send you flowers, gifts, just to prove his love for you.

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