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Six Relationship Tips For Every Old and New Relationship

If your goal for is to better your relationship then look no farther. We have come up with the best relationship tips for Every couple. These six relationship tips will help make your relationship with your significant other stronger, happier and healthier.

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  • Relationship Tip 1 – Make Time for Each Other – We are all busy, but when we become too busy to nurture our relationships we have a problem. In 2015 device a plan that will allow you and your partner to spend more time together. This could be a weekly date night, a commitment to do something together each Saturday, or another option that works for you. The point is to carve out time ahead of time for your relationship.
  • Relationship Tip 2 – Say Yes : Is there something your partner has been wanting to do, but you’ve been hesitant? Maybe it’s an activity, travel destination, or something more intimate. Resolve to say yes more often to your partner. This builds trust and security and allows you both to be more open to each other.
  • Relationship Tip 3 – Say No to Electronics : We are a culture attracted to our phones and distracting screens. However, these devices lessen our communication and make us lose focus on things that really matter. When you are with your partner choose to say no to distractions. Put the phone on silent, stay off of social media and focus on those who are with you in person. You will never regret making eye contact, and actually paying attention to the real life people that matter to you.
  • Relationship Tip 4 – Ditch the Negativity : After a certain point in a relationship we tend to focus on the negatives. He leaves his socks out, she criticizes everything, he never listens to me, we focus on the things that bug us instead of the things we love. Make it a point to NOT be negative. You may complain about those socks on the floor now, but what’s the alternative? If he wasn’t around to leave them you’d probably miss them.
  • Relationship Tip 5 – Be Positive : After you ditch the negativity make a point to compliment your partner. Point out all the things you love about them, and the things they do that matter. Maybe it’s something simple that you’ve always took for granted, pay attention to detail and the things they do that make you smile. Then thank them for it!
  • Relationship Tip 6 – Listen More : You really may not care about that championship ball game, but your partner does. LISTEN to him. She may go on and on about that great show on TV, while you tune her out, LISTEN to her. What your partner is saying matter to them, so make a point to listen. If you make time now to listen to the small things, you will both be more responsive and connected when it comes time to discuss bigger things.

Relationships take time and effort and without both chances are your relationship won’t last through this year. So, this year take these six relationship tips and put them into practice. Listen more, say yes to what matters and no to what doesn’t, stay positive and ditch the negativity. These things will help make your relationship stronger, healthier, happier and better! And who wouldn’t want a better relationship this year

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