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Signs She doesn’t Love You Anymore

Your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore? Does this sound familiar? You see it happens all too often when guys fall out of love. They see the woman they spent years with and spent countless hours of physical intimacy with and now that the relationship is over they can’t fathom why she doesnt want to be with them. Well listen up because this can be one of the most powerful ways to tell if your girl is still in love with you or has lost interest.

Your Job is an Issue to Her

She keeps on talking about your job. – If your girl no longer loves you and starts to talk more about work a lot more than usual then she probably is not as into you as she once was. She may seem to spend a lot of time at work all of the time but shes not showing any more enthusiasm towards having you as her significant other. Shes not interested in hanging out with you and going out with you as much either. Shes not talking to you as much as she used to and that means shes not as crazy about you like she used to be.

She Suddenly Have New Friends

Shes spending more time with her new “friends” – Does it feel like your girlfriend spends more time with the new people she meets at the club or the neighborhood bar? Does she spend more time hanging out with her new busses full of guys? Does she invite them to her house more often? If shes doing this then she is not as crazy about you as she use to be.

Shes hanging out with her “good friends” – Do you think your girl likes the guys she hangs out with more? Does she sit around the coffee maker and chat with them about random stuff? Does she laugh at jokes your guys tell each other more than she does at yours? If you two are feeling each others company and spending time together more often than before then your woman probably likes her “good friends”. And she will get more into them as well if she likes their company.

She Show no Affection

Shes feeling less affection for you – Does it seem like your relationship has hit a rough patch lately? Does it feel like you two aren’t spending any quality time together anymore? If this is the case then your girl may be feeling neglected and that is why shentai started. She wants attention from you but she doesn’t feel that you really reciprocate.

Shes trying to impress you with big signs. She wants you to notice her by now with her new hairstyle and new outfits she’s wearing. She knows that you are probably tired of her constant attempts at making you notice her. She is trying to one up you and impress you with what she’s doing. Shentai porn is all about dressing up and looking your best so she’s trying her best to show you she’s still the pretty girl you fell in love with.

There’s Trust Issues

She trusts you more – Do you normally find yourself being too eager to see your girl every time you see her? You do want to be there for her when she’s having a good time and see her have some fun, right? This is another one of the big signs that shentai is appealing to you. She knows that you will be there for her when she needs cheering up or when she just wants to be left alone and not be bothered with anyone or anything. She feels secure when you’re around and that definitely makes her happy.

These are just a few of the big signs that shentai is working for you. If your woman says that shes watching shentai movies or doing shentai porn on her computer, listen to her. She knows something is working for her because you seem interested and it’s obvious to her.