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How to tell if your Boyfriend is Cheating – Hidden Signs

How to tell if your boyfriend is cheating? Is there a difference between how they act when you two are together and how they act when you’re apart? There are certain signs that can help you determine whether or not your man is cheating. In addition, you will also learn the perfect time to confront him about his infidelity, and how to avoid a divorce if he is cheating on you.

Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating

Does he suddenly leave the kitchen after dinner for no apparent reason? – He spends a lot of time in the kitchen, especially after dinner. He seems extremely distracted by something that’s going on in the kitchen, and sometimes wont sit down and eat with you. He is also generally moody and doesn’t feel like being around you as much.

Does he spend a lot of money on gifts for you and other women? – He seems very generous with gifts, especially in comparison to other men in your relationship. He seems to put a lot of thought into each gift and who he is buying it for. He also seems to choose items based on your relationship. He is suddenly spending more time and spending more money on things that make you happy than the guys that he usually brings home.

Does he call you up out of the blue and have to ask you out again? – Has your phone become something else to you and he is constantly calling you? Does he always seem annoyed when you answer the phone? Does he get on your nerves so badly that you’re ready to break up with your relationship? If so, this could mean that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Obvious Signs He’s Cheating on You

Does he pick fights with you all the time? – He becomes quite aggressive and verbally violent whenever he feels like losing to you. He’s no longer happy and playful as he used to be. He doesn’t want to spend time with you because he thinks you’re going to fight back so he retreats to his room and spends all day in there. If he does this a lot it means that he is picking fights to test you.

Does he spend more time at his office then normal and go out for “some” work after normal hours? – You see, he works on his laptop a lot during the day and goes to bed early. He’s probably working late and avoiding sex during normal hours so he can have a few hours alone. This can also mean that he’s using your company to have some “me” time. He’s becoming a little more unavailable to you.

How does he spend times with his friends more? – You’ll notice that his phone goes to other numbers when he is on his computer and he doesn’t pick fights with you and ignores your presence. He acts more like a friend and less like a lover. He changes his daily routine suddenly and it seems like something is off since he used to always hang out with you.

Hidden Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating

Does he try to make your life easier? – He will begin picking fights with you and ignoring you. He becomes less friendly. He uses you as an example so he can prove that he is not cheating on you and he is still loyal to you. He also pulls away from having a relationship outside of you. He might not even show interest in your other relationships.

Does he avoid intimacy? – He starts being a little less affectionate than usual and he becomes more protective of himself. He feels like he has to protect you from someone new. He says he is sorry but that he doesn’t know who that someone new is. He avoids intimacy and he doesn’t enjoy being close with you.

Is he avoiding sex? – If he is not trying to become more intimate then he isn’t doing it because he is avoiding sex with you. He could just be avoiding sex with someone else. He could be trying to gauge your reaction to find out whether or not he was being unfaithful to you.


How to tell if your boyfriend is cheating? These are all signs that he is cheating on you. He may act differently around you. He may seem distracted at times and he may be losing interest in things you used to be passionate about. There are other signs but these are the biggest red flags.