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What is Sexting? – 11 Sexting Examples For Him and For Her

The History of  Sexting?

A few years ago when people thought about online dating, they thought about dark alleys and danger stories, which they’d heard from a friend about a friend. Those who partook where warned about the path they were taking and how it would probably lead to trouble. They were judged. Why weren’t they just going out and meeting people the normal way? What made them so busy that they couldn’t find the time to strike up a face to face conversation with someone?

Fast forward a few years and we’re now here. In the age of the digital revolution that has pushed online dating into the forefront of the love industry. The idea of meeting a person online now is normal. You hear about people who met over social networking sites or dedicated dating applications all the time and you don’t bat an eyelid, because today, it is considered normal and the done thing. In fact, meeting a person through actual real life circumstances has become as taboo, as online dating once was.

So, what else has changed in the world of dating other than the actual act of meeting that somebody knew? Well, there’s sexting. Sexting? Yes, sexting.

What is Sexting?

It can be infuriating trying to keep up to date with all the new terminology, which new technology brings along, but sexting isn’t actually anything new and you might be surprised to learn that it actually harnesses a relatively old form of communicating.

Sexting is the art of sending sexy or naughty messages to someone. The whole point that the other person replies with something, which leads on from what you’ve said, so that you are both talking your way through sex.

Okay, so what’s the point of sexting?

Why should you sext? What’s the point, when you could just save everything that you were going to say, until you’re actually with that person? Well, what if your partner has to work away? What if you’re stuck on a late night shift and you’re feeling a little risky knowing your partner is home, all alone without you.

Sexting can be a really great way of staying close to someone, when you can’t actually be with them, but it can also be a great way of heating things up and kick starting a fiery night.

How To Sext Right

Sexting is only fun when you don’t over think things too much. If you’re writing something, but you don’t feel comfortable hitting send, then don’t hit send. Sexting should be fun and it should make you feel, as though you are being naughty with your partner, but it shouldn’t make you feel, as though you are doing anything wrong.

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If you’re nervous or you don’t normally talk dirty, then start slow. You don’t have to jump right in and throw out the big lines. Instead, tell your partner about a time that you enjoyed when you were together. Bring up old memories or delicately mention something that you’d like to happen and see how they respond to that.

The best kind of sexting isn’t the kind that’s set up. It’s the kind that forms naturally through the conversation and being playful. You don’t want to force things. If things are forced, then it can be felt and you’ll probably end up feeling more awkward than anything else.

Enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid

The coolest thing about sexting is that you’re not live, in the room, with the person you’re talking to. That means that you can take the time to enjoy yourself, you don’t have to rush onto your next move, you can take your time, think about what you’re going to say and take things at your own pace.

Sexting can be a really great way of getting to know someone sexually, before you actually get to know them sexually in the real world. It can give you a real feel, as to what it will be like and what their interests are. It can also give you a chance to make your interests known, so that when you do both come together, you will both cum together.

So, how do you get started?

If you have decided to take the plunge and try sexting for the first time, then it’s only natural to feel nervous. That doesn’t mean you’ve got anything to feel nervous about though. Keep it fun and playful. Don’t go or say anything you don’t feel comfortable with and relax. You don’t need to worry about what the other person is thinking, as long as they are replying, you can be sure that they are enjoying themselves just as much, as you.

Sexting Examples for Him or Her (A few starter examples)

If you’re struggling to get started then you could use any one of these examples to get you going. The hardest part of sexting is breaking the ice, once you and your sexting partner have the conversation rolling, you will find that it becomes much easier to think of things to say.

  • Baby, I’ve got you on my mind
  • Do you know what we could be doing right now…
  • Do you know what I’d like to be doing right now?
  • When you get home will you do xxx for me?
  • I love it when you xxx
  • I was just thinking about the time we xxx
  • What would you have me do if I were there right now?
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