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Examples of Techniques in Mend The Marriage by Browning

What is Mend The Marriage by Brad Browning?

Mend The Marriage is a relationship program the reveals marriage-saving tips and techniques that you can use to save your marriage today even if you are the only one trying or interested. Men The Marriage program contain not only techniques to save your marriage but contains comprehensive step-by-step techniques that you can use to attract and reconnect with your partner,  bring back those moments of affection and attentiveness and practically Mend and heartbreak-proof your marriage.

Created by Brad Browning, a marriage counselor and relationship coach, famous for his best selling “Ex Factor Guide“. Brad is in the business of not just saving marriages but helping couples understand the basis of a successful and thriving relationship. In Mend The Marriage, Brad provides you with EXACTLY what you need to say and do to turn things around in your marriage more quickly and easily than you ever hoped. You will learn exactly the steps you need to take to create new, deeper, forever intimacy with your partner.

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Mend The Marriage by Brad Browning The Language of Desire

What Does Mend The Marriage Contain?

Mend The Marriage System comes with a comprehensive package design to first help you mend your marriage by identifying and resolving the existing problems in your marriage. It then provides you with keys and techniques to handle various marriage related day to day issues. Such issues as communication, intimacy, sex, finance, children, emotional availability and a whole lot. All these strategies and techniques are contained in the core Mend The Marriage program which is a series of five videos designed for easy learning and understanding.

Aside the core Mend The Marriage program or series of videos, when you purchase the program you will be give access to additional 3 guides. These guides includes

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  • The Infidelity Survival Guide – Most marriage relationship are rocked by infidelity, this guide address the issue of infidelity, it tries to explain the root cause but more importantly it provides tips, techniques anyone and both partner can use to handle infidelity, forgive it and move on to create a more intimate and lasting marriage.
  • Children and Divorce (eBook) – While the purpose of Mend The Marriage program is to help couples get their love back together, the fact remains that not every marriage will survive and in which case adequate preparation is required to ensure that the damage or people involved in this union are able to come to terms with the breakup and are able to move on. This book looks at the often forgotten victims of marital problem.. the children. In this eBook you will learn how to explain things to the children and how to prepare them in the case the marriage does not survive.
  • The Money Matters Guide – Money matters in every marriage, unfortunately most people do not pay the required attention it deserves until it spins out of control. Getting a hold on your family finance is a key ingredient of a successful marriage life. In this guide, Brad puts you through the basic of family financial planning.

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Examples of Techniques in Mend The Marriage?

To a very large extent, the success or failure of any marriage depends on communication, emotion and how partners respond to their partner’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. One of the key highlight of Mend The Marriage System is the provision of various techniques that you can use daily to not only mend your marriage but make your marriage thrive. Here are some examples of these useful techniques covered in Men The Marriage program

The Dispute Defusing System – There will always be disagreement in marriage, it’s inevitable, however how one handles disagreement is very crucial. In this techniques, Brad highlights important things you should note about dispute in marriage. It’s important to know how and what to be angry about. Insolate the problem, not your partner. Be angry with the situation, not your partner. This technique shows you how to defuse a dispute while still making your point know to your partner.

The Forgiveness Technique – Since every marriage has it own share of hurts, forgiveness is essential. The truth however is that after most dispute has been settled, the hurts still linger on due to unforgiveness. Here Brad shares with you the importance of forgiveness and how you can forgive your partner even if it’s a case of infidelity.

The Forever Phrases – For most women, letting go of a past hurt is their greatest obstacle.. This techniques shows you exactly how you can let go of past negative hurts and memories by replacing them with positive, uplifting thoughts.

The Connection Account – Here you will learn simple ways of building up intimacy and emotional connection with your partner. A strong intimate bonding with your partner is an essential key for long lasting marriage. This techniques teaches you how to open up to your partner and have them open up to you.

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Should You Buy Mend The Marriage Program?

Every marriage is worth fighting for including yours. The truth is that most people don’t have the required information on how to go about it and most times they are the only one interested in fighting for the marriage. If you find yourself in a situation where you are the only one fighting for the survival of your marriage, Mend The Marriage provides you an excellent guide on how to go about it. With 60 days money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose in giving Brad a chance to help Mend Your Marriage and help it thrive once again.

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