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5 Ways To Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out Online

It seems like the days of meeting a date in a coffee shop or bar are well and truly over and everybody is moving online to find their special someone. This means of course that there are now hundreds if not thousands of lonely singles looking for love and if you want to get noticed then you are going to have to think outside of the box. So with so many fish in the sea, how do you make sure that you don’t fall through the net?

Dating Profile

A Book is Always Judged by its Cover

As a child you are taught not to judge people by their looks but when it comes to dating online that is exactly what everybody is doing. If someone doesn’t like your display picture then they aren’t going to click further to see your bio, so one of the most important things you can do is make sure that your display picture not only stands out but that it shows your best side too.

Don’t Be Too Serious

When it comes to writing your bio, the last thing you want to do is bore people, so rather than rambling on about your likes and dislikes try to take it from a different perspective. Some of the best online bios are those that have a few jokes in them and aren’t all about upselling the person they are about. Another really good idea is to ask your friends what they think about you and then use that rather than your own opinion.

Be Bonest

It’s easy to be a little untruthful when writing about yourself as you want to show yourself in the best light possible but even little white lies might catch up on you. If you want to find a date who really likes you for the person you are, then you are going to have to show them exactly who you are. This means that you shouldn’t lie about your interests to seem cooler, you shouldn’t lie about your weight or your looks and you especially shouldn’t lie about your personality.

Be Different

It’s easy to fall under the peer pressure of trying to look normal and reserved but that’s not what online dating is about. If you don’t stand out then you won’t get noticed and you want to get noticed. You should celebrate the things that make you different from all the other people, even if you think that it might seem like a weird like or dislike that you have. You will be surprised by how many people actually think in the same way as you.

Use Good Grammar

When a person looks at your profile you want them to say “wow” but you don’t want them to say “Wow this person is stupid”. Grammar is a sure fire way of either improving your look of intelligence or totally destroying it. A lot of people have a pet peeve when it comes to bad grammar and you will find that it can really put a person off if you are not careful with your commas!

In Conclusion

Online dating could be the answer to finding the person of your dreams but you need to make sure you are doing it right. The first thing any person is going to see when looking through your portfolio is your display picture and your personal statement so you need to make sure that they are the best that they can possibly be. Dating is something that is meant to be fun and bring excitement into your life, so don’t fall into the serious trap!

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