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Is Sex Necessary For a Happy Marriage? – The Role Sex Play

When it comes to marital problems the two main issues, which seem to come up the most are communication and sex life. A marriage that is suffering from poor communication is always going to be a troubling place to be, but what about sex? Can you have a successful marriage when you are both on different pages when it comes to the bedroom?

sex in marriage

Sex isn’t Just a Physical Thing

It’s important to remember that when you are thinking about sex, that you are thinking about the whole process and not just the physical act itself. When you have sex with your spouse, you are renewing the bond that you both share. You are opening yourself to your spouse, in a way that you do not with any other person and this is time that you both share, only with each other. If you are not spending this time connecting with each other, then you might find yourself growing distant, as time passes by.

It’s an Unselfish and Natural Thing

Normally if a marriage is suffering stress due to its sex life, then it means that one spouse is wanting it, considerably more than the other. This is the most common problem when comes to friction in the bedroom and it can be one, which can leave both sides feeling frustrated and rejected. For the one who is wanting it, it can make them wonder what is wrong with them and for the one who doesn’t; they can be left wondering why their company isn’t enough. If you want your marriage to be happy, then you are both going to have to find a way to compromise.

You want to make sure that your spouse feels attractive and desired by you, always. If your spouse doesn’t feel like this, then they might be tempted to look elsewhere for the attention that they deserve. The same can be said about you too, your spouse should be making you feel, as though, you are wanted and desired too.

Communication can be a key issue, when it comes to how much you and your spouse want sex. If you don’t communicate with each other openly about your desires and your needs, then it can leave you both feeling confused, frustrated and often upset. It’s not a selfish thing to want your spouse more than they want you, but it isn’t selfish to not want it, as much either.

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It’s about Respect

You should always make sure that your partner feels respected by you. A happy marriage relies on both spouses feeling, as though, they are supported fully by their partners. So when it comes to sex, you need to make sure that the respect carries through.  A happy marriage does need sex, but the amount of sex and the way that you do it, is up to you and your spouse to decide. If your spouse doesn’t want to do something, then you shouldn’t make them feel, as though they should do it or that they have to do it. This isn’t a respectful thing to do and it will not make a happy marriage.

You Shouldn’t Fall into a Comfort Zone

There comes a point in every marriage when things start to become a little replayed. You start to realize for the first time just how big a commitment forever is, when this starts to happen, as you realize you will never experience anyone new again. Some people can fall down into a spiral of these thoughts and this can really affected a marriage in a negative way. It can make your spouse feel, as though, they are not good enough and that’s without you even trying.

If you want to make sure that your marriage is happy, then you need to make sure that you keep things new and refreshing. If you have always wanted to try something new, then communicate with your spouse about trying it. If they want to try it, then it’s something you get to experience for the first time together, if they aren’t, then you can always think about other things that they might be interested in. It’s important to remember though, that when it comes to suggesting new things in the bedroom then you need to do so in an understanding manner. You need to remember that whilst you want to try something new, it might be daunting to your spouse and it might take them some time, to feel comfortable enough to do it.

If you want a happy marriage then you need to be able to compromise when it comes to each other’s desires. If your partner wants to try something, then don’t shot them down instantly, always listen to them with an open mind and respect the fact, that they have been open about their needs to you. If you can both talk openly and honestly about the bedroom, then you are much more likely to have a happy marriage.

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In Conclusion

If you want a happy marriage then you need to accept that sex is a vital part of increasing your happiness. That doesn’t mean however, that you need to be having sex all the time, it just means that you and your partner should be sharing yourselves with each other in an intimate way. Your partner is the only person who you have the chance to share this experience with and it is something, which should always been seen, as a positive thing.

If your spouse is making you feel pressurized or stressed about sex, then you need to communicate these feelings to them, so that they can stop doing it. A happy relationship needs to have clear communication that is both honest and unashamed. If you don’t feel, as though, you can talk to your partner about bedroom activities then you might want to ask yourself why exactly that is. Sex is something, which should be enjoyed and when you find someone that you can open yourself up to, then you know you are in for a happy marriage.

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