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How To Make Yourself Pee – Simple Healthy Tricks

As long as you live there will always be need to eliminate excess fluid from your body. While this process is suppose to be natural there are however people who find it difficult to use the bathroom. There are occasions especially for medical test where you are required without prior notice to collect a sample of your urine. In such occasion you can’t wait till nature calls. We have put together simple healthy tricks to make yourself pee within the shortest time.

It’s important to note that if you are in a situation where you’ve not been able to make yourself pee for an extended period of time, visiting the doctor is the best solution. There are medical conditions that can prevent you from making yourself pee and only a qualified doctor should be consulted in such case. That aside, here are some natural, simple and healthy tricks to make yourself pee.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Water

Urine is essentially water and what other way can you have excess water in your body than taking it in. Drinking lots of water is the simplest natural method to induce your body to urinate. In most hospital test that requires the presence of liquid in the body, a large bottle of water is given to the patient 10-30mins before the commencement of the test/scan. So if you want to make yourself pee, drink plenty of water is the first and surest way to go about it. It’s however important to note that excess of it can make you urinate even before the test so caution should be applied.

2. Eat Plenty of Vegetable

There are vegetable such as carrots, cucumber, cabbage and lettuce that are known to contain high amount of water. Adding such vegetable to your daily diet can increase the liquid content in your body thus leading to frequent urge to urinate. Aside from these vegetables containing essential fluid, there are also healthy and helps build your body immune system.

3. Eat Fruits That Contain High Amount of Water

Water Melon

Fruits like citrus, water melon(especially) apple and lemon are rich in liquid. Eating a lot of them provides your body with excess fluid which increases your urge for urination. If you are experiencing prolong delay in urination and not really keen to drinking water, taking lot of these fruits or it’s equivalent fruit juices can help make yourself pee.

4. Take Certain Herbs

Some herbs and supplement have natural ability to increase the liquid content in your body thus leading to an increase in your urine. There are also known to contain certain antioxidants and nutrients that improves your immune system and body metabolism. All in all, taking certain herbs like ginger, garlic can increase your body fluid and help you pee easily. However, if you are taking a medical test, it essential you stick to water and avoid herbs as they might tamper with the test result.

5. Drink Tea, Coffee or Non Caffeinated Tea

Like fruits such as water melon, a cup of tea or coffee is essentially water and taking a good quality of it can fill up your bladder quickly. However it is important to take precaution. Large quantity of caffein in the body is not only unhealthy but can also lead to high blood pressure. If you are someone already suffering from high blood pressure non caffeinated drinks and natural tea will do.

6. Relax

When it comes to peeing, being anxious does not help. In order to allow natural cause to take effect you must relax your body and mind. Find something to distract you and take your mind off the medical test. After taking water or coffee or tea, you still have to allow natural cause to take effect. Relaxing your body and mind not only have you release tension but quicken your body metabolism leading to easily urination.

7. Physical Techniques

Deep Breath

Not everyone can pee on command. Most times the problem might not be lack of excess water for urination but simply anxiety. In such case what you can do is to take a deep breath several times for about 2-3mins. Another physical technique that has worked for people is to pour warm water on your hands and leg. You can also put your imagination to work. Imagine the several times you have urinated and see yourself doing same.

8. Seek Medical Attention

Inability to pee can be a sign of medical problem. While the above listed are ways to get yourself to pee, if you are reading this article and you’ve not been able to pee for days kindly visit a doctor to have yourself checked. Not emptying your bladder when necessary can lead to further medication condition so it’s important to have a professional examine you.

8. Take Medication

Sometimes inability to urinate can be as a result of pelvic pain or pelvic inflammation. Whichever the case maybe, there are medication to take care of it and if you’ve visited a doctor the appropriate medication will be recommended for you to help make yourself pee.