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18 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Love is the best. It’s amazing to feel so happy and comfortable with someone, especially when that feeling is reciprocated. How do you know if your partner is right for you? Although many don’t believe that “soulmates” exist, it is comforting to know that there are people out there who are perfectly matched for you. Are you wondering if your boyfriend is the right match for you? These are 18 signs to help you determine if you have found the right match.

How to Find Your Soulmate

1. It’s all in your head.

There is no test to help you know if you have found your soulmate. You just need to feel it. It is essential to feel that you are with the right person. It sounds ridiculous, but you will know what that feeling is. Their presence should make you feel happy, energized, and able to fully open up. Connections manifest in many different ways for each person.

2. They are your best friend.

A friendship is the best foundation to any relationship. So why are there so many romance rom-coms about two friends who get together? It’s a great sign to be in a positive, trusting friendship with your partner.

3. They bring you a sense of calm.

Spending so much time together should make you feel at ease and at home. There will be some nervousness and butterflies at first but once you become comfortable with one another, it should feel easy.

4. They are your greatest source of empathy

You might feel the same way if they fail a test. You can see them upset, but you also share in their happiness. You are more proud than anyone of your bae, and you will be happier if they succeed.

5. Respect each other.

Respect is the foundation of a relationship. If your SO doesn’t respect you as you are, it’s probably not the right person for you. Your feelings and ideas should be valued by your soulmate. They should love and appreciate you and treat you with respect.

6. They balance one another out.

To be soulmates, you don’t need to look like your SO. Both can have very different personalities, backgrounds, and be compatible. It is important to see how you, as two very different people, interact. Is your calm nature complementary to their anxious demeanors? Is your passion for the environment in harmony with their engineering interests? Are they really the ying or the yang to your passion?

7. The most important things are shared by both of you.

Although you may not be able decide which TV show or what toppings you want on your pizza, when it comes down to the most important things in life, they are on the exact same page.

8. They share the same goals in life.

You guys share similar goals when it comes to your life goals. You don’t want to pursue the same career, or go to the same college. I am assuming you agree on what you want to do after high school, or if you want to have a family. There will be disagreements but there is no denying that you both agree on the important stuff. This is a good indicator of your long-term happiness with your SO.

9. Each other must be challenged.

Your soulmate should inspire you to be your best self. While you must admire and respect your soulmate and their unique qualities, it is important to motivate them to achieve their goals. Soulmates can help one another grow and relationships are about growing.

10. You can be completely yourself.

When it comes to your soulmate, there’s no need to pretend. You can be completely yourself with them and they will love you for it. It’s easy to share your worst habits, your strange quirks, and your most intimate secrets with them, and it makes you even more special.

11. You fight for your relationship.

Even between soulmates, relationships can be difficult. However, you and your partner will work hard to improve your relationship. Sometimes this means that you have to compromise, work on yourself, and talk through your issues. Talk to a therapist if jealousy is a problem. They quit smoking because they care about you. It’s a sign that you are soulmates that you both are willing to do these things.

12. Each other understands their emotional language.

Take the quiz to find out your love language. There are five love languages, which is how you feel love. Perhaps Words of Affirmation is your love language. It means so much when your SO says how much they love and care about you. Their love language may be Physical Touch. They love cuddles and love to share their affections with others. If you feel less loved or if you aren’t hearing it daily, there could be a disconnect. It’s possible to be with someone with a different love language to you. You just have to get to know each other and how you express your love.

13. You are each other’s greatest fans.

Your SO should always be rooting for your success and vice versa. Your wins are their wins, so when they get big news, you should be just as excited. That’s something that makes you happy just by seeing your partner happy is it?

14. You share each other’s pain.

However, it’s just as hard to be sad for your SO when things don’t go according to plan. You may feel the same way if they are rejected from their dream school. You want the best for your boyfriend, so you will feel the same if they receive bad news.

15. It’s a chemistry that is intense.

The physical side of a relationship is vital and you and your SO are definitely showing it. You may feel that you cannot keep your hands from each other at times, but you are also respectful of each others’ boundaries.

16. You are there for one another.

Although being in a relationship can be fun, soulmates are there for you in the tough times.

17. The relationship is secure.

While it’s normal to feel jealous, you need to have complete faith in your partner. You can trust that no one will interfere with you and your bae will go out with friends or to a party you don’t want to go to.

18. It is all about being around one another.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, even though you may feel the need to. Just being together is enough. It’s easy to just be silent and feel the presence of your partner and it lifts you up.