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Who Is Language Of Desire Author, Felicity Keith?

Who is Felicity Keith?

What a lot of buzz going on about Language of Desire by Felicity Keith , I feel compel to provide some information about the author Felicity Keith for our readers. Unlike most relationship guide online that the author is only know my name (mostly pseudonym ) Felicity Keith is Felicity Keith of Digital Romance . Felicity Keith not your “typical relationship expert”, She is what you would call a romance installer expert. And What exactly does that means? It means Felicity Keith is the lady other ladies go to when the romance in their relationship dies off, or when their man prefer work or the TV over them. She is the person you need to talk to when you are totally lost on how to get your man to notice and desire you sexually and not only that, if you are like most women shy and concern about sex and how to approach it, Felicity Keith is the lady to listen to. Here is Felicity Keith  speaking on the subject Are You a Great Kisser?

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Being an expert in romance and sex takes an uncanny ability to think outside the box to find solution to this problem that affects everyone but few likes to talk about it. Felicity Keith draws from her personal experience and years of research to offer, innovative, creative solutions to individual romance issues as it relates to women and couples in general. Having almost lost her own relationship due to her ignorance and lack of knowledge on her to keep her man satisfy all the time, Felicity went into a long time research and commitment to find not only how to turn her relationship around but her to make sure that her man has no eyes for any other women. Well, she did it, and she also helped many of her friends achieve that primal sexual status that every women seek for.

The Language of Desire.

The Language of Desire sort of evolved from Felicity Keith sharing her secrets to a blissful relationship with her friends, who tired it (it worked) and kept referring other women to her. Soon a lot of women in similar situation kept approaching her for tips and advice on her to revive the romance in the relationship, how to turn the sex heat up, how to become more attractive to their man, how to make sure he has eyes for “her” only. In response to that, Felicity Keith decided to put her years of research, counseling and helping other women into writing and came up with what she called The Language of Desire.  The Language of Desire is a relationship program for any woman who desire to have more intimacy with her man, make herself irresistible to her man, and make her man want no other woman but her. Watch the short video below to learn more about the Language of Desire.

Felicity Keith Language of Desire

What Makes Felicity Keith Special?

Felicity Keith
Felicity Keith (facebook Photo)

Felicity Keith is very candid, straight forward and sincere. She dishes out advice about sex, dating and relationships with humor and healthy how-to’s. Dubbed a “suburban Carrie Bradshaw” her work has influenced thousands of women, and helped many find their dream partner and a fulfilling romantic relationship. Having learnt from her personal experience, she has studied the inner workings of the male mind and now teaches women how to unleash their inner vixen on their terms and enjoy the love they deserve.  Felicity currently lives in Seattle, WA USA.

Her newest program The Language of Desire is a must read for any woman seeking greater love and attraction from her man. In it Felicity Keith dishes out tips and techniques on her to win your man romantically and make him crave after you and only you.  The program is divided into ten modules each containing lessons and worksheet. Each module contain practical techniques that you can use straight away to enhance your relationship or attract the man of your dreams if you are still single.

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