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20 Things Every Girl/Boy Needs to Know About Masturbation

Masturbation Facts:

Masturbation can be amazing! It’s a common practice among teens, and it doesn’t make you crazy. Why do teens masturbate? Sex Etc, a teen sex health center, said it best. “Masturbation can be a great way to learn more about yourself and your sexual feelings, without having to deal with the potential complications of having sex with another person.” Feeling good doesn’t mean you have to worry about unwanted pregnancy or getting an STD.

Masturbation can be a great way for you to learn about pleasure and how your body feels. This is not just about your genitals. There are erogenous areas in your body. These are areas that are more sensitive than others. Think about your ears, neck and inner thighs.

Masturbating can help you learn more about yourself and what makes you happy. Before you start masturbating, you might enjoy listening to sensual music and dimming the lights. Perhaps there is a particular time of the day when you are most active. Maybe there is literotica fanfiction that makes you feel all these things. Do not be afraid to try different things and find what works best for you. Masturbating is not a one-size fits all.

If your sex ed class didn’t cover masturbation, don’t worry. Ellen Kate Friedrichs is a Brooklyn-based health and sexuality educator. We have everything you need.

Masturbation Benefits and Side Effects?

1. Masturbation is the act of touching your body to get sexual pleasure. Your vulva, clitoris and clitoris.

2. This involves more than your vagina. Although sex classes may have ignored the clitoris, most people experience pleasure through clitoral stimulation and not vaginal penetration.

3. It is completely normal. A 2016 study showed that 85.5% of female participants masturbated at one time or another. Women started to do this on average between 13 and 14.

4. Guys do it, too. The same study revealed that 98.9% male participants masturbated between 12 and 13.

5. This doesn’t mean you are a bad/weird/gross individual. It doesn’t make you a freak or pervert. It’s not strange or gross. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a prude, or have something wrong with yourself, but if you don’t masturbate it doesn’t mean you’re not a good person. Masturbating is a normal thing that can help to explore your body and become more in tune with it. If it’s not for you, NBD.

6. It is a great way to discover more about your body. There are no two bodies the same. Therefore, there is no one way to move or have the same rhythms. You will need to experiment to find the right rhythms and movements for you. It is easier to learn this without having to be with a partner. Friedrichs states that you can find out about yourself before you have sex with anyone. Then, later, you can share your feelings with someone.

7. 7. An orgasm is when a person’s muscles tighten up. An orgasm involves the release of tension and a surge of serotonin, an endorphin. Friedrichs says that these chemicals can produce intensely pleasurable emotions and can make people feel happy, giddy, or sleepy. It can be difficult to determine if someone has had an orgasm, as everyone will experience it differently. It can be helpful to think of it as a rollercoaster ride. The moment you descend is the peak of your orgasm.

8. Orgasms are not always instantaneous. Friedrichs advises that you should not give up even if it doesn’t work. He estimates that it could take between 30 and 60 minutes to get one.

9. You don’t have to orgasm to enjoy the experience. Friedrichs says that orgasms can be fun and most people can learn how to orgasm. However, if you enjoy masturbating and don’t want to orgasm then that’s okay too.”

10. This is the most secure form of sex. Masturbation can be considered solo sex. You can have it safely and without concern about pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection.

11. Wash your hands before you touch anything. Hand washing is the best way to prevent bacteria from entering your body. Clean hands are the best for intimacy.

12. When you are done, make sure to go to the bathroom. Intentionally introducing bacteria from the anus into the urethra is the most common cause for urinary tract infections. This can lead to a feeling of needing to pee every time you go to the bathroom. UTIs can be caused by accidentally touching the anus. Any bacteria can be flushed out by peeing.

13. It is possible to masturbate and still be virgin. Friedrichs says that most people think a virgin is someone who doesn’t have sex with another person. If you place a finger in your vagina but have never had sex with another person, then you are still a virgin.

14. You won’t feel any looser if you are masturbating. It’s fine to have solo sex if you don’t do it too often that it becomes a distraction from your daily life. It won’t make you feel less confident or lose your ability to have fun with a partner.

15. It doesn’t necessarily mean your boyfriend or girlfriend is not interested in you if they masturbate. It’s possible to be happy in your relationship, but still feel connected to yourself. Friedrichs says that masturbating can be a problem when people aren’t happy in their relationships. Consider your partner’s actions a compliment.

16. There are toys that you can also use. You don’t have to use them just for sex. A study found that 43% of women use a toy “occasionally” when masturbating, while only 13% of men do the same.

17. It can reduce stress. Planned Parenthood claims that having an orgasm can help you feel happier and relieve stress.

18. Masturbation can ease your cramps. Yes, that’s right. Planned Parenthood says that the same endorphins can also be used to relieve cramps caused by period cramps.

19. You can do it everyday. Although you might be concerned about masturbating being too much, it is perfectly normal to do it one or two times per day. Planned Parenthood says that as long as it does not interfere with your time with family, friends, and school activities, you are fine.

20. It may help you fall asleep. Experts recommend that you include masturbation into your nighttime routine. This should be done right before you go to bed. A study has shown that orgasms increase the body’s production of prolactin, which is a sleep-inducing hormonal.