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9 Signs Your Husband is Happily Married to You Alone

Sometimes the daily grind of life can leave you feeling a little a blue. Sometimes life just doesn’t go our way and we dedicate a little time to grieving the dreams we once had, but that doesn’t mean that our spouses are making us unhappy. In fact, sometimes they can be the only thing putting a smile on our faces, but how can you know for sure whether your husband is just feeling a little blue about life or whether it’s something more than that?


1. He Wants to Tell You About His Day

If you’re worried about whether your husband is happy or not, then ask yourself, does he still tell me about his day? If your husband feels comfortable and content in his marriage to you, then he will want to share the news about his day and include you in his life, which runs whilst he is away from you. If your man doesn’t want to share the details of his day with you, then you have to question how is he talking to?

2. He Asks for Your Opinion

If your man is happy in his marriage with you, then he will show you respect on every level. A man who is happily committed and well suited to his wife, will want her opinion on anything, which might be bring along big changes in his or your lives. It won’t just be the big stuff either, as your husband will care about what you think of his suit and whether his new hair cut suits him. If your husband doesn’t ask for your opinion about the small things, or even the larger things, then you might want to question why that is?

3. He Puts You First

Every man is going to need some time where he can just kick back and relax with his friends, but that doesn’t mean that he should be at the pub every night and it certainly doesn’t mean that he should be dedicating his weekends to them either. If your man is happy in his marriage, then he will want to put you first. He will suggest making plans that only involve you two, or at the very least, he will invite you to spend time with him and his friends. A man who is happily committed wants to spend time with his partner, irrelevant to how many years you have spent together.

4. He Knows Where His Loyalties Are

Mistakes happen and the only thing we can do is decide whether we want to stick around to fix things, or whether things are broken beyond repair. The thing is though; a man who is happily married to his wife will not allow himself to get into a situation where mistakes happen. A man, who knows his wife is waiting for him at home, will not put himself in a position where other girls are getting closer than they should be to him. If your man has a wondering eye or even worse, a wondering hand, then you need to question why he isn’t seeing what is right in front of him.

5. He Still Treats You like Your Dating

It can be easy to take for granted the things that we have, especially when we know those things aren’t going anywhere, but when it comes to a marriage, that is how things get stale really quickly. If a man really loves a woman however, he won’t let things reach that point. In fact, he will treat her in the same way that he did when they were dating. If you want to know whether or not your man is happy in your marriage, then think about the little things that he does for you on a regular basis and the thought that he puts into them.

6. He Shows You Off

When it comes to whether your husband is happy or not all you have to ask yourself really, is how does he treat me in front, of others? If your man wants you on his arm and he is ready to introduce you to everybody that you meet then you know that he is happy with you. In fact, it shows that he wants to show you off to his friends and that he wants them to see what a great thing he has.

7. He Still acts like a schoolboy

It doesn’t matter how much time passes and how well you both get to know each other, if your husband still takes every opportunity he can to take you to bed, then you know that he’s happy. A happy spouse is comfortable with their partner and isn’t afraid to reveal their needs. They also want to share intimate moments with their partners.

8. He Comes to You with His Problems

Nobody is perfect and when you are married sometimes those flaws can become highlighted. It’s only natural when you spend so much time together, but that doesn’t mean that your husband should bad mouth you behind your back, especially to his family. If your husband is content in his marriage then he will fell, as though he can come to you with his problems.

9. You Make Him Happy

If you make your husband smile and laugh, then you know you are making him happy. Everybody has bad days where they feel, as though nothing is going right, but it’s your job to ensure that your husband knows that you are always there for them. If you can make your husband crack a smile when the world is getting him down, then you can be rest assured that he is happy in your marriage.

In conclusion

A happy husband is an easy thing to spot, especially when you know what you are looking for. If you make your husband smile more than he frowns and he knows that he can come to you with his problems, then you can rest easy knowing you are being a good wife and that he is a happy husband.

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