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7 Basic Needs Every Wife Has And How To Meet Them

You know that saying ‘happy wife, happy life’? Well, the happy wife bit might actually be easier to get than you might think. Women might seem, as though they are really complicated and that they are always changing their minds about what they want, but the truth is that they all have basic needs, which if you know about them, you can easily fulfil to keep them happy. What are these basic needs, you ask?

Happy Wife

1. Compliment Her Beauty

Do you remember when you started dating your wife? Do you remember the way that you used to treat her? As though, she was the most beautiful girl in the world and no one else on earth could compare? Think about how you have been treating her recently? Have you been treating her in the same way? The simple fact is, that you wife fell for the man who treated her, as though she was the only girl in the world and showing her the guy occasionally will show her that you still think she’s the amazing girl you first met.

2. Show Affection

If you want your wife to know that you love her, then you have to tell her that you love her. She might think that subtle hints are an acceptable form of communication, but the simple truth is, that she doesn’t pick up on the either. Your wife needs to know that you love her because it makes her feel safe in the relationship and proves to her that your feelings are unchanged.

3. Be Proud Of Her

Your wife wasn’t born to sit in front of the television every night watching the same old, tired reruns. Your wife needs to go out and let her hair down. She needs an excuse to get dressed up and put make up on. She needs you to take her out and show her off to the world because she needs to have fun and feel as though, she’s in the spotlight, even if it’s only your spotlight.

4. A Little Humor

Laughter really is the best medicine and when it comes to keeping a marriage fresh, you need a lot of laughter and happiness. Your wife needs to know that she can rely on you to cheer her up after a hard day and she needs to know that you are not the main source of negativity in her life. If you are making your wife laugh then you know you are filling her basic need of being happy.

5. Stay Faithful To Her

Your wife wants to know that she’s the only girl in your world. She wants to know that it doesn’t matter how much time passes or how time take its toll on her, you will only ever go to her with your basic needs, as a man. If you are unfaithful to your wife, then you are showing her that she isn’t the only woman in your life and that your eye will easily wander in the future. In short, you are going to make her feel, as though she isn’t good enough and this will break her, as a person.  Your wife has a basic need to feel good enough and you should never take that away from her.

6. Show Her Respect

Okay, so it might be the third night in a row that she got a headache right when you mentioned having sex, but that doesn’t mean that you have a right to get nasty about it. Sometimes your wife will just not be in the mood to do something and you have to respect that. Think about all the times that she has compromised without being nasty to you. It’s about respect and your wife needs to feel, as though you respect her, even if you think that she is being unreasonable.

7. Support Her

Your wife has been planning her life since she was a little girl. Some of her dreams will be wild and unrealistic and crafted when she still believed in fairy tales, but that doesn’t mean that you should shoot them down. Your wife needs to know that you support all of her dreams, even if you don’t think that they are achievable. It all boils down to your wife knowing that you support her and you believe in her, even if you don’t believe in the idea.

In Conclusion

If you think that you wife is acting crazy or you simply cannot understand where she is coming from then you need to ask yourself, whether you are fulfilling her basic needs. What might seem small to you might actually be a huge deal to her and if you are not doing it, then you might be making her unhappy without even knowing it.

Words like saying I love you, are sometimes over used and this can take away meaning from them, but when it comes to your wife, you should always make sure that she knows that you mean them. That means that you shouldn’t just throw it about, but you should say it when she really needs to hear that you love her and that you support her. Your wife should always feel, as though she can talk to you. If you make sure that she knows you are always there to talk to, even if it’s about something, which might hurt you, then you will always know that your wife is not only being truthful to you, but that you are fulfilling her needs.

A marriage is about both partners working towards building future together and even though fulfilling all of your wife’s basic needs, might seem like a lot, you must consider what she does for you. You made a commitment to look after your wife and the first stage of that, is ensuring that she is happy.
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