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5 Reasons Why Being Single is Awesome – Happiness First

It seems like Being Single really has got a bad reputation for itself. You can’t change the channel or pick up a book without somebody rubbing it in your face about how happily in love they are. The thing is though that once the doors are closed, that happily ever after your seeing probably isn’t actually that great. In fact being single is a pretty underrated thing and here are five awesome reasons why you should be embracing some well-deserved you time!

Self-Reflection : It is easy when in a relationship to get lost in the other person. You want to make them happy, do things they want to do and take part in their interests. In fact it’s incredibly easy to forget about yourself and what you need and want completely. That is why being single is so awesome because you can unselfishly think about yourself and what you want. It’s time that you can spend really getting to know yourself again without having to worry about what anybody else might think of you.

Single Forever

Time with Your Friends : When you are in a relationship it can be easy to neglect your friends, even if you are not doing it with intent. It’s often nicer to sit at home with your loved one than go off with your friends to pubs and clubs and get hit on by people you have no interest it. Being single however gives you all the free time you need to really nurture your friendships again. These are the people who are with you throughout your life not just during a relationship and you should really take advantage of being able to say yes to them again.

Finding Your Happiness : Often in a relationship you will base your happiness on how happy your partner is but that isn’t always healthy and the joy that you feel isn’t always real. When you are single you can start to do the things that you love again. Whether that is going to your favourite band’s gigs or simply walking in the park. Being single really does give you the time to nurture yourself and that means that the happiness you do feel will be purely because you are doing things that you really want to do.

Flirting : One of the things that can make being single fun and exciting is of course flirting. Flirting doesn’t have to be anything serious, it doesn’t have to lead anywhere and it doesn’t mean you have to commit to a person. Sometimes it is just nice to receive a compliment and send one back their way. Flirting can sometimes be something that is looked down on but that shouldn’t be the case. If you are single then don’t worry about what others think, just have fun and go with the flow.

You Don’t Have to Share the Duvet : You know one of the best things about being single is also one of the smallest things. Being single means that you don’t have to wake up, freezing cold because someone has stolen the duvet off you. It’s the little things like that, that really make being single awesome and often they are the most overlooked parts.

In conclusion.

If you are single then you have two choices really, you can get down in the dumps about not having anyone special in your life or you can pick yourself up and realize that you are the special person in your life. It might seem at first that being single is a bad thing but once you start to listen to yourself again and treat yourself how you should be treating yourself, you will soon realize that actually, being single is awesome!

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