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4 Signs Your Relationship is Worth The Stress – Fight For It

Sometimes a relationship can take its toll and you are left wondering whether or not it worth the stress. Sometimes the happy times seem like they are long since passed and you wonder whether you are ever going to find them again. Sometimes you are left with nothing but love and even that love is wearing you out. So what can you do in that situation? How can you be sure that sticking around is the right thing to do? How can you know for sure that you aren’t just wasting your time? How do you know whether he really is worth it?
Relationship Stress

1. You Still Want to Fight

It can be easy when times get hard to just give up and walk away but sometimes we get that feeling in our stomach that just tells us that we should be holding on. That feeling that says there is still something to fight for and that we are not quite ready to let go yet. If you still have that feeling that there is still something there worth fighting for then you shouldn’t ignore it. If you do walk away at this point then you will always be left with that wondering of what could have happened should you have stayed and the feeling of what if, is never a nice feeling to have.

The thing is that if you still feel that need to fight then that is your heart telling you that he is worth the stress that you are currently going through. If you want to make the situation better than why not focus on all the reasons that you actually want to stay rather than the reasons you are thinking about leaving. It might be wise to note however that if the only thing that is keeping you in the relationship is fear of the unknown out of it, then you might not be doing the best thing by staying. Fear is something that you should not allow to run or dominate your life as it can take over and it can actually stop you from being happy.

2. You Still Have Love

Love is something that is rare to find. Love isn’t however lust. Love is that feeling that transcends all other emotions and can link you to a person not only physically but mentally too. Sometimes love can be a painful emotion to have especially if you have decided to leave the person you have it for but if there is still love there, then whatever problems you might have can actually be fixed. Having love for one another isn’t the actual fix to the problem but it gives you the determination to work whatever problems you both have out.

If you love your partner and you want to work things out with them then you can. You just need to work out the root problem that is causing the negativity. More often than not huge relationship problems aren’t actually that huge at all but instead they have just been ignored until the point where they have snowballed into something much bigger. If you both take the time to focus on the real issues rather than just the negativity they cause then you might actually find that you are both worth solving them for.

3. You Can’t Imagine Life Without Them

One way of knowing that he is worth fighting for is that you cannot actually imagine your life without him. There comes a point in all relationships where a woman feels secure enough to start planning her future with her partner in it and those plans are the things she strives to achieve.

The thing is though when a relationship hits troubled waters all those plans can become uneasy and it can be hard to think ahead when you are not sure about what tomorrow will bring. The way that you know that you are not ready to let go though is when you still make your plans with him in them. When you can’t actually imagine a life without him in it, when you don’t want to imagine a life where he isn’t a part of it. If you are unwilling to see a future that he is not a part of then you are clearly not ready to let go and that means that he is giving you something to fight for.

4. He/She Can Still Make You Smile

If your partner can still make you smile even through all the stress and arguments then he is defiantly worth fighting for. The fact is that everyone goes through rough times but it is the happy times that make it worth it and if your partner can still make you happy then that means there is still something there. It means that you can move passed the bad stuff and it means you should do everything you can do to fight for him.

The happiness he makes you feel doesn’t have to always outweigh the bad; it just has to be enough to tell you that there could be more. That it is worth sticking around and that you can both move passed this and make each other happy again.

In Conclusion

If you are wondering whether you should stay and fight or walk away then the likelihood is that you want to find a reason to stick around. The fact is that you don’t actually need any reasons to stay and fight, you will know in your gut whether you think he is worth it and no one should be able to tell you otherwise. Whilst your friends might have opinions about your relationship the only person who knows how you feel, is you and you have to listen to both your head and your heart. If you think that he is worth fighting for then don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise, because if you do and you take their advice, you might always be left wondering what if?

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