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18 Things You Should be Doing for Your Husband Regularly

It can be easy in a marriage to become complacent and to forget to do the little things, which made you both fall in love in the first place. This can often lead to marriages breaking down, as one or both people, feel as though, they are not being appreciated or understood. If you want to avoid making your husband feel like this, then here are the 18 things you should be doing on a regular basis.

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1. Talk to Him Openly

If you are getting annoyed because your husband doesn’t take subtle hints, then maybe you should be pointing the finger of blame at yourself and not your husband. Men don’t often pick up on subtle hints and it is much better to talk to him openly about whatever it is you are want.

2. Defend Him

If your friends or his friends are joking about or mocking your husband, then don’t laugh along, show everybody how strong your relationship is by defending him. When word gets back to your husband, he will appreciate the fact that you always have his back.

3. Cook for Him

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and a saying wouldn’t last this long, if there wasn’t some truth behind it, right? If you want to make sure that your man feels cared for and appreciated, then cook for him on a regular basis and don’t make a huge deal out of it.

4. Let Him Breathe

Okay, so he might have been working all week and you might not have gotten to spend much time with him, but that doesn’t mean that he should have to spend all his down time with you. Let your man go out and see his friends, let him have a chance to breath and he will appreciate you all the more for it.

5. Be Kind

If your partner tells you about a hope or dream that he has, don’t laugh at him for it, even if the dream or hope is impossible. You took a vow to support your partner through everything and that is something you should remember before being unkind about their aspirations.

6. Don’t Forget to Thank Him

If your husband does something nice for you then thank him. If your husband does something around the house without you having to ask, then thank him. If your husband is feeling down about something or low, then thank him for being him. It’s amazing how much it can pick you up, when you feel, as though you are appreciated by somebody.

7. Acknowledge His Hard Work

It doesn’t matter whether or not you work just as much, as your husband; make sure he knows that you appreciate all his hard work. Don’t dismiss him when he says he has had a bad day, listen to him vent and support him.

8. Support Him

Sometimes even the strongest person needs someone to turn to and you are that person when it comes to your husband. If your partner is feeling low or they need help with something, don’t brush them off, make sure that they know you support them fully.

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9. Live Within Your Means

It doesn’t matter who brings in the money, if you want your husband to be happy then make sure you live within your means. Whilst that designer bag might look great, it won’t feel so great when it’s carrying your divorce papers, because your relationship has ended over financial stress.

10. Have Faith in Him

If your partner wants to try something risky and new, then don’t put them down and tell them that they will fail. It’s okay to discuss all the possibilities that will come with the change and the potential downfalls, but once you have had the discussion, drop it and have faith that your partner knows what he is doing.

11. Kiss Him

Don’t wait around for him to make the first move. Make him feel loved and wanted by surprising him with a kiss every now and again.

12. Make Him Feel Safe

No man wants to feel like his woman could run off at the drop of a hat. If you want your husband to be happy, then make sure he knows that he is your one and only.

13. Make Him Feel Sexy

Every man wants to know that his wife is attracted to him and sometimes they can worry that you don’t. This is especially true when a marriage has been around for a long time and you are not, as touchy feely with each other, as you once were.

14. Make an Effort with His Family

If your husband is loyal to his family, then make sure that you are too. It can be difficult to find a place in a new family and sometimes other family members can make it difficult for you to fit in, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop trying.

15. Please Him

Take your man to the bedroom and show him what he means to you, but don’t expect anything in return. This can really show a man just how much you care about him and adore him.

16. Take Him Out

Why does it always have to be the man who asks the woman out? Surprise your man by arranging something you know he will love, and not only will it show just how much you know him, but it will also show how important his happiness is to you.

17. Look after Him When He is Sick

There is a reason that you agree to support each other through sickness and health, and that is because when your partner is sick, they need someone to care for them and look after them. Even if that means you only bring them some soup and give them a cuddle.

18. Show an Interest in His Interests

Okay, so football might not be your thing, but if it is important to your husband, then at least try to show an interest. This will show him just how much you care about bonding with him and sharing in his life experiences.

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