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11 Ways to Know You are in a Healthy Relationship

Relationships, in a way are a little like food. They might seem like everything is sweet, but that doesn’t mean that they are good for you. In fact, you have to remember that too much of a good thing, will only end up making something go rotten. So, how do you know whether your relationship is like a sweet treat or whether, it’s a healthy alternative to the crash and burn, which can occur after a few months in the honeymoon period.

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1. You Argue Constructively

It might surprise you to know that a healthy relationship is bound to contain arguments. In fact, arguments are a fundamental part of a healthy relationship. They prove that you both have passion and sparks between you and that you are both still willing to put the effort in. If a relationship doesn’t have any arguments then there isn’t any friction and if there isn’t any friction, then this isn’t any make ups either. The thing is though, that healthy relationships have constructive arguments that work towards solving problems. You should never find yourself arguing about the same thing twice.

2. You’ve Left Your Baggage at The Door

Everybody has baggage. Everybody makes mistakes and has regrets and it isn’t your place to judge your partner for something they did before you were on the scene. When it comes to healthy relationships, all the baggage is left at the door and that doesn’t mean that it goes unspoken about, but that it is spoken about in a respectful and supportive way.

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3. You are Separate People Who can Become One

It’s a common saying that when you are in a relationship that two become one. This is something that does describe the feeling of being in a relationship, as you build a bond with another person; you start to carry a piece of them around with you and them, a piece of you. The thing is though, that a healthy relationship should give you the ability to still remain the person you were separately to them. A healthy relationship means not having to give up the person you are, to be with a person.

4. You Shouldn’t Give up Your Interests

It’s important in a healthy relationship to show an interest in your partner’s interests, but that doesn’t mean that you should forget about your own. A relationship should open up new worlds to you and you might discover a hundred new things that you love, but don’t let go of the things that made you the person you were before you committed.

5. Your Friends Know of or know Your Partner

A healthy relationship is something that you are proud of. If you are in healthy relationship then your friends will have met or they will have at least heard of your partner. If something makes you happy then you talk about it and if it’s a big thing like a relationship, then the likelihood is that you will have wanted your friends to meet the new person in your life. If you have been hiding your relationship or your partner, then you have to ask yourself why that is?

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6. You are Honest with Each Other

Honesty isn’t something that is always easy to commit to. The feeling of guilt can persuade us to tell white lies about events and situations, in the pretense that we are saving our partner’s feelings from being hurt. The truth is though, that honesty really is the best policy and if you want your relationship to remain healthy and stress free, then you need to always tell the truth. If your partner finds out that you have lied about something, even if it is something small, then this can cast concerns into their minds and that isn’t something that you want.

7. You Can Both Compromise Without Resentment

A relationship is something that takes constant work from both sides. It means that at times you need to compromise and let your partner win the argument. It also means that you have to do all of this without resentment. If you hold onto things and become bitter about them, then this can put poison into your relationship and nothing can be healthy when it is becoming poisoned. If however you are willing to compromise without holding onto any resentment, then you can be rest assured that your relationship is more than healthy.

8. Your Friends and Family Like Them

Sometimes people don’t get on and there isn’t a real reason for it. It’s just the fact that some people are compatible and others aren’t. The thing is though, those who know and love you, should know whether a person is making you happy or not and if they are, then they should approve of your choice even if they don’t understand it themselves. If your friends and family like your partner or at least accept the pairing, then this is a good sign that your relationship is healthy and that you are appearing happy to the outside world.

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9. You Still Get ‘You’ Time

When a relationship is just beginning, you will find yourself longing to spend your time with your new partner. You will want to hear all of their stories, you will want to laugh at all of their jokes and you will miss them intensely when they are gone. This is something however, which fades in time and you will find yourself craving some alone time. A good sign of a healthy relationship is the ability to have that alone time without it causing any friction or upset.

In Conclusion

Sometimes a relationship can seem to be going right, but then takes a drastic turn for the worst, leaving you feeling dizzy and disorientated. The thing is though, there are often little signs to tell you that something is wrong and these can often be missed, but just as, there are signs to tell when there is something wrong, there are signs to tell you when everything is going right too and if you see them, then you can rest assured that you are making a safe gamble with your heart.

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