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10 Signs You Might Be a Masochist

You may have difficulty determining 10 Signs You Might Be a Masochist. You’re probably aware that you have some personality flaws that can be quite attractive to the opposite sex. You are probably also aware of how vulnerable you can be around other people. You are also probably aware that you need sexual release and attention to feel fulfilled in your relationships.

You are a Masochist

You might also realize that other people have a hard time leaving you alone when you need their attention. You’ve probably noticed that the women you most look forward to a romantic evening with seem unable to get it when you’re involved with a man who only seems interested in sex. You’re not alone; many women struggle with the same issues. You’ve probably noticed that you have a certain amount of insecurity about yourself, which is one of the reasons you find yourself seeking out people to satisfy your sexual desires.

You are attracted to Narcissists?

You are attracted to narcissists. narcissistic personality disorders involve an excessive desire for admiration and attention. You tend to be drawn to charismatic leaders whose charm is apparently infectious. You want to know if you have the same “magical” attraction that these men have.

You’re afraid of commitment. You are living in a state of constant fear that you’ll lose your woman to a guy who isn’t committed to her. You don’t want to lose her, but you fear the pain of losing her and you’re afraid of being alone once she leaves you. You’re scared of the potential end of a relationship that goes nowhere.

You judge yourself for negative emotions.

You aren’t able to communicate properly with your partner. You find it difficult to ask for assistance or give compliments to your partner because you fear that you’ll come across as desperate. You feel a lack of respect from them. You’re afraid of being betrayed and of disappointing them again because you’re not willing to put in the effort to improve your relationship.

You want to have sex, but you haven’t found anyone to give it to you. You see this as an opportunity to score some free sex instead of working on a real relationship. You might use sex as a means to an end so that you can feel good about yourself. You love the idea of having sex, but you wonder why you need to wait for that moment when you’ll be free and satisfied.

You Might be a Masochist

You feel unattractive to your partner. You don’t think that your attractive features are sufficient for you to be happy in a relationship. You wonder if you can even stand the sight of another person, let alone be involved with them. You have self-confidence issues because you believe that other people don’t think highly of you. You need to work on these issues so that you become more confident in yourself.

You find it hard to express your desires and you fear that your partner will disapprove. You might even feel intimidated by this fear and think that you’ll never be able to please your woman. You want her to love you, but you don’t want to lose your ability to please her in bed. You need to work on expressing your desires to women so that you’ll be able to please them in bed.

Using Sex as Comfort

You feel guilty about your desires and this makes you reluctant to let the woman into your life. You feel that you’ll only be able to satisfy her by hurting her or by using your power to control her. You need to gain control over your feelings so that you can move forward with your love life. You need to learn how to talk to your partner and you need to learn how to get your point across to your women.

You are constantly seeking comfort from your sexual partner. You don’t enjoy sex as much as you used to. You worry that you’ll never get to orgasm again or that you’ll become sick of the experience. You might even be afraid that you’ll turn your women off when you try something new in the bedroom. You have an insecurity problem and you need help. You and your partner should work through your issues so that you can have great sex again.

You think that women only care about their looks. You’re jealous because you see other guys with much more attractive partners. You need to improve yourself so that you can attract more women and you’ll be happy with the results. You want to feel like a man again because you feel inadequate. You know that it’s your health that’s failing you but you’re afraid to do anything about it because you think that your lack of sex success is somehow representative of your lack of attractiveness.